March 1, 2016

February Favorites

"Make Me Like You" by Gwen Stefani
Not only is the song about Gwen's new love (which is cute af), the tune is catchy and makes you want to dance nonstop--it's been on repeat on my iPod for over a week now. Also the music video was filmed live during the Grammys commercial break! That takes some serious precision.

And my love for elephants continues to grow! These cute little silver elephant studs come with three other pairs of studs--pearls, a three-copper piece, and cameo-like studs. The best part, besides the fact that all four pairs are so adorable and I can already picture the little elephants in my ears, is that they retail for $4.90 on Forever!

This new Netflix original series flips the original Full House (a cornerstone of a generation's childhood programming) completely around--now it's the girls raising boys! The first and second episodes are a little rocky as the cast finds their footing but the heart and love shines through every episode--and the original wit is still there! Catch it on Netflix (and if you're anything like me, well up at the redone theme song)

Homemade Crème Brûlée
Buzzfeed scratches my food porn goals with every click of a mouse on their website and stumbling across this recipe was a definite godsend. I haven't made it yet, as 6 egg yolks for a dessert that would probably be enjoyed by me(albeit the queen of all desserts) doesn't seem very feasible. But I promise the first dinner party chance I get, I'll whip a batch up and let you know how they turn out! Also--you should try the recipe! Let me know how it works for you!

This swimsuit has me dreaming about palm trees, the sand in my toes, warm weather, and clear skies. Aka: summer. Nothing is more summer-y (or nautical-y) to me than stripes and this suit has it all! The back is also a peekaboo that exposes to mid-back. I've been loving one pieces so much more than bikinis these days and this may be my next acquisition! Retails for $48 at Asos

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