March 20, 2016

Foodfest 2016: Surf 'n Sand

Moi, Christina, and Shiini

Our last Foodfest! Senior year is rapidly coming to a close and the next big "last" on the list was our school's International Food Festival. (I went in 2014, and worked Food Fest in 2015) Comparing the pictures between sophomore year and senior year is pretty fun (and bittersweet). As always, there was plenty of food, tons of fun, some not-so great moments, and an overall happy ending.
Princess Celesty

The food was front and center of Foodfest, naturally, some highlights including: the meat pies from the Australian table (Shay ate 15 of the glorious pies), the Italian lasagne was a highlight for me, as were the Indian tables' samosas and naan (honestly my favorites every year). The go-to spot for dessert was the American table (if you can see the two overflowing plates of cookies and brownies in the above photos).
I think Japan had one of the longest lines (next to Turkey--I think the two are tied every year for the title) for their food...and definitely some of the prettiest decor around. I'm always a fan of sushi, tempura, and sashimi so we didn't mind the wait.
The talent show stage
The second big attraction to Foodfest are the game booths on the athletic fields behind school. One of the biggest attractions is always the jail, where you pay to have one of the Juniors running the booth chase down whoever you want and put them in jail for 5 minutes. Teachers and principals included! Our vice principal definitely spent some time in the slammer.
As the sun sets, everyone gathers in front of the stage, hand-painted just a few hours before, for the annual talent show put on by the entire school. There were dancers from kindergarten through seniors, singers, jump-ropers, and raffle prize winners. If you follow me on Twitter, which I highly recommend, you will notice that I tweeted about the dance troupe's performance during the talent show (here and here). I didn't and still do not agree with what they chose as their performance, and especially what happened to the song. Whether it was the administrators, a teacher, or the dance troupe that censored the song I feel it was inappropriate, wrong, and sends the wrong message. They should've known better. This was really my only issue with Food Fest this year. It's just a shame that at a festival that celebrates the diversity of our school and welcomes the differences of all the cultures, a song that celebrates black people's culture and achievements was censored.

The rest of Food Fest was pretty great--especially the fireworks. It was a bittersweet moment, knowing it was our final Foodfest but we were so happy being all together.
My camera kind of freaked out during this shot but I actually like the way it turned out


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