March 26, 2016

How to Pack a Hat

I used to have a very love/hate relationship with hats. I liked the idea of them but never really liked wearing them until I met the beanie that changed my mind. Fast forward a few years and now I take a hat with me pretty much everywhere I travel. Packing a hat in luggage is a very simple task, once you learn how to do it without squishing, rolling, or folding. I promise your hat will arrive wrinkle free!
Place your hat upside down in your suitcase.
I like to place socks on either side of the curve just to help maintain the natural shape of the hat.
Lightly pack your sports bras, regular bras, or bandeaus until the hat is full but not bursting. You'll want to pack the underwear that won't crease or bend. (This can also work if you don't wear or pack bras--just put your underwear in the hat)
Flip the hat, with all of your underwear in it, over. Place it in the middle of your suitcase.
Pack the rest of your clothes, shoes, underwear, everything basically around your hat. 

And there you go! The foolproof method to arriving in your destination with a wrinkle-free hat. See you in Thailand!


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