April 5, 2016

How to Be an Adult

The time has come (the walrus said, to talk of other things...of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings!) to announce a pretty bittersweet fact. Mom and I will be leaving the Philippines this June and moving back to the States. Of course, this was obviously coming what with my beginning college in the fall. Before we move I have lots of stuff planned for our final few months here in Manila! I have exams to get through, prom, graduation, a family vacation, recipes, advice etc. all to share with you!

Now, this post is the start of something new here on HSM Social Butterfly--I've decided that every Wednesday throughout April I'll post an update to this series: How To Be An Adult. Mom is gone for a few weeks in the States to get things prepared for the move back, so I'm on my own here (with significant help from R and BB) and I decided I'll figure out how to be an adult with you guys! This post is really to kick off the series, as well as share some adult-y information with you. So, without ado...
Meal planning is a big part of my life--Mom sits down every Sunday or Saturday or whatever day she's going shopping and plans the meals for the rest of the week so she knows how to make the grocery list from that plan. For example, here are my actual meals for this week:

Monday: tuna sandwich with potato salad
Tuesday: fish tacos
Wednesday: homemade mac n cheese
Thursday: veggie burgers
Friday: omelets

I like to keep it pretty healthy throughout the week, but I get craving the cheese and pasta pretty hard so we've designated Wednesday to be our "indulge" night where we have mac n cheese or maybe a veggie pizza from Amy's--something we wouldn't really eat throughout the rest of the week. It's a little pick-me-up in the middle of a school or work week!
Other meal ideas are:
Quesadillas with vegetarian refried beans, cheese, and lightly-toasted tortillas
Salmon or tuna steak with green beans
Baked potato and salad
Cold salads like chickpeas, quinoa, and canned salmon with a little bit of rosemary and oil 
Spaghetti and sauce with a caesar salad

These are all quick, easy meals that you can probably find recipes for online or you can wing it and try them yourselves. Let me know how they go! 


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