April 3, 2016

March Favorites

I am rather late to the podcast scene, however this lovely post from The Chriselle Factor blog helped me figure out some great ones to start with. Sophia Amoruso is the powerhouse behind the Nasty Gal empire fashion line and in her podcast she talks with people making waves in their respective fields--everyone from Courtney Love to Grace Helbig. Right now I'm listening to her conversation with Julia Landaeur, a female race car driver and Stanford graduate.

Buzzfeed is actually a mini treasure trove of recipes I want to try--including these absolutely yummy-looking little bites of dessert. With only a few ingredients, these little bites are simple enough for even the most inexperienced baker to make (good for me) and are so cute your friends will be dying to know your source while they pop the bite-sized treats into their mouths!

It surprised me recently to learn that tampon manufacturers are not required to list all of their 'ingredients'! Many manufacturers have been found to use materials like rayon and polyester. Tampons being absorbent materials by nature, your body will actually absorb the materials of your tampons themselves so LOLA tampons aren't just 100% cotton and have non-BPA plastic applicators they are sent to your door every month or every other month for a minimal fee ($18 for 2 boxes of 18 tampons each!!) You can skip a month or cancel at any time for no cost. I look forward to trying these all-natural tampons out! (Oh, and they're biodegradable too!)

Troye is really taking the world of pop music by storm--and it's been really exciting for fans like me watching him go from Youtube sensation to guesting on the Late Late show and releasing these incredible songs! Troye's unique style and vibe make his songs great for pretty much any occasion. 

Giving major summer-ready vibes, this adorable one piece proves that bikinis aren't the only way to sizzle on the beach or the pool deck. Show the girls off a little without having to bare your belly--or better yet having to worry about your suit coming completely off when you go down a slide! A wedige? Maybe--but nothing will come off!

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