April 15, 2016

Thailand 2016

For our final trip in Asia before our move back to the States this summer Mom and I decided to head back to our favorite place--Thailand! Specifically....Nakamanda Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Thailand was a gorgeous experience last year (posts here, here, and here) and we debated traveling somewhere new or someplace we know we love for our last trip before moving back. We clearly chose the latter.
We spent our first day wandering around a Bangkok park by day and searching for our favorite street food market that we enjoyed last year. I can still taste the delicious seafood curry! Unfortunately, the whole street has been demolished and our curry joint was no more :( We found a lovely substitute, after stopping for a colorful drink at Quince--definitely a hipster hangout copy + pasted out of Soho but with definite local props. 
The next day we were off to Krabi and, specifically, Nakamanda. The staff are the loveliest, the rooms are gorgeously designed, spacious, and roomy, the pool is gorgeous, and the spa is divine. Basically anything you could look for in a resort they have at Nakamanda--plus the best local food within walking distance that you can't help but go to the same places every day!
One of our favorite restaurants in Krabi is Bai Tong, a family owned restaurant that serves, I'm not kidding you, the absolute best fried rice in the entire world. Honestly I've been dreaming about it since our last trip to Thailand--a year ago. Mom and I dropped our bags in our room and rushed immediately over for a serving of the fried rice (for me) and the papaya salad + seafood curry for Mom. That night we dined on our other favorite in Krabi: Sandwich Me. Olly still cooks all the food himself on the porch and there are only five tables served at a time. If you get there on a busy night, prepare to wait for a bit. I promise: it's worth it.
All of Olly's dishes are delicious and you can't go wrong with ordering any of them! Just beware: some are very very spicy, even for those of us who love spice! Eat around the little red peppers if you treasure having your throat intact. 

Mom and I spent a blissful few days lounging by the pool, punctuated by trips to Bai Tong for more fried rice and hours spent lying in the spa. During our time at the resort, I was also getting all of my college acceptances so every night turned into a celebration by Haagen Dazs and coconut crème brûlée. In the middle of our visit, in attempts to give you guys something new to read about Krabi as well as bond even further with my favorite animals, we decided to go on an elephant adventure!
Mom and I took a gorgeous ride on top the elephant Lady Gaga, wherein our guide didn't abuse the elephant and let her graze where she wanted and wander wherever she wanted to--very important to Mom and I that the elephants are treated well. After that I got to feed the gorgeous elephant, and boy did she enjoy the cucumbers!
One of my favorite photos ever
If you ever have the chance to do anything with elephants, first make sure the elephants are treated well and then enjoy the animals!! I love elephants and I'm so grateful to have this experience. Thailand is one of my favorite places on earth and I know I'll be counting the days until I get to go back!


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