June 4, 2016

May Favorites

This motivational speech from Hicham Bennir
This video was just one of the thousands that I scroll though on my Facebook feed everyday...only this one I actually enjoyed the message of so I saved it. Anytime you start wondering if success will ever happen for you, in any of your endeavors, watch this video.

I'm the person that has at least a dozen perfume bottles littered all over their dresser (although mine are in a nice, neat row thank you very much) and I can't narrow it down to just one or two because different moods and occasions call for different scents! I will forever envy those people that find their one signature perfume and stick with it forever, but until that day comes I can spend my time dreaming of my latest (expensive) perfume craving--Prada's Candy Kiss.

I was looking up graduation presents, as my family members kept asking what I wanted for my graduation (oh yeah...I graduated!), and I stumbled upon this book. Filled with practical life advice that we don't actually learn in school, this book seems perfect for the nearly-graduated.

This skirt is one of the newest items at and I fell in love as soon as I clicked on it. A-line skirts are classic shapes that I don't wear enough, and it's rare enough to find any sort of bottom-covering skirt or shorts that actually cover your bottom so the fact that this chic skirt comes to mid-knee is a godsend.

One of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, has an eclectic mixture of posts at all times and this latest one I find to be great advice. I've always dreamt of hosting the perfect dinner party, and now with this post I can! Read through it before your next dinner party, potluck or sit-down.

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