July 26, 2016

Contributor Post: 13 Songs from my Best Friend

Muddy Waters - LP
If you watched season four of Orange Is The New Black, you heard this in one of the most heart-stopping / heartbreaking scenes I think I’ve ever seen. As a result every time I hear this song I feel like either bursting into tears or killing someone. But regardless, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it, because it is incredible.

Way Down We Go - Kaleo
Kaleo is an Icelandic band that’s gaining a lot of prominence here in the States. I first heard this song in the trailer for season four of Orange Is The New Black, back before I knew that they had that heart-stopping scene in store for me. Damn them. Either way this song struck me as special from the minute I heard it.
Another one from Kaleo. Bless their Icelandic hearts for giving me such good music this summer. The music video is worth watching too, and just as pretty as the song. It’ll have you dreaming of pink and purple sunsets / love / flowery fields / really good friends.

All I Got - Santigold
I heard this in a little cell phone commercial or something with Chloe Sevigny in it. I liked it a lot.

Angel Zoo - Phlake
This lil diamond came from a scene out of MTV’s Scream and I have been OBSESSED with it for like two months now.
Frankie Sinatra - The Avalanches
I still haven’t listened to the lyrics very closely, but you know, I feel like I’m having fun when this is on.

Hello - Conkarah
This is a reggae cover of Adele’s “Hello,” and I LOVE IT because it is so good for summer. It has a lil bit of an autotune effect on it so that takes away from some of its beauty, but their voices are still so nice and this version of the song has such a good vibe.

Work - Conkarah
So. I’m feeling reggae this month. This isn’t just reworked in terms of genre but also has different lyrics. Again, it has a really nice vibe for summer.

Waving Wild - Arum Rae
I heard this one on Pretty Little Liars, which I still inexplicably watch from time to time even though it is trash, and something about it stood out to me. It was also featured on The Catch apparently, and so by the looks of it, it’s a song that’s good for like, seduction scenes. So you know. If you want to feel hot and somewhat powerful for some reason, this is your song.

Circles - The Young Romans
This gem came from The Fosters, and it’s just really pretty to me. It can do a good job of calming you down, should you need that.
I really don’t need to put this on here, because I’m sure most people have heard it by now, but on the off chance that you haven’t, or if you’ve heard of it but decided it wasn’t worth a listen, I’m telling you it definitely is.

Sucker for Pain (feat. X Ambassadors) - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons with Logic & Ty Dolla $ign
Again not worth listing because everyone knows it but IF YOU DONT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IT IS A MASTERPIECE. SUICIDE SQUAD!!!!

Be Alright - Kehlani 
I’m still obsessed with Kehlani’s perfect voice, and while exploring some more of her songs a few days ago, I found this one, and thought it had just the right words and just the right vibe for me at this point in life, and I’m sure most of you could use it too. 
Amrita is the music expert of my life and whenever I feel the need for new music I turn to her. Her taste varies and I find a lot of what she listens to isn't completely mainstream or played on the radio every 5 minutes and I just enjoy her picks.

From A: Some of these songs make me happy and some make me sad and some fill me up with light and I hope they do the same for you."

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