July 1, 2016

June Favorites

This yummylicious (and fat free!) Shrimp Salsa from The Londoner
Rosie, aka The Londoner, is one of my favorite bloggers on the entire inter-webs and when she's not sharing photos to make you envy her exotic vacations, she's sharing desirable recipes from this shrimp salsa to her ooey gooey slutty brownies. Check her blog, and this recipe, out!

This dorm bedding set from Pottery Barn Teens
One of the most exciting things to go shopping for when you're nearing your college move-in date is dorm decor! Wall hangings, duvets, even shoe racks the idea of having items that are all without parent intervention (until you bring them home for laundry) is v v exciting!
This bedding set retails from $32.50 - $119

I stumbled across this gem of a book in the Almost Corner Bookstore in Trastevere, Rome--just down the street from where A and I got our tattoos! Florence Williams manages to combine both humor and fact in this book that dissects the history and public perception of breasts, as well as their actual factual purpose.
You can buy this book on Amazon for $11.29

The Meatball Shop in New York City
As a vegetarian, one of the foods I miss the most has to be the meatball. A ball of spicy meat, what's not to love? I nearly cry over the Subway meatball marinara sub--I used to love it! Of course, I would never (or haven't yet) compromise my sense of values regarding animal rights for a simple meatball sub--which is why I adore The Meatball Shop. (They offer a veggie meatball!) With locations all over New York City, pop into a shop, and let me know how delectable their balls really are! Meatballs, of course.

This Floral Collarless Blazer from Forever 21
I've never really been one to wear blazers for anything other than college interviews, one day a job interview (my parents are praying), things like that. This adorable floral blazer is definitely a big plus from the traditional black, boxy blazer and I can see myself sitting down for a job interview in this
Retails on the F21 website for $22.90

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