August 29, 2016

What to Pack for College

(I don't have many photos to go with this post so enjoy this photo of me and Nami and Lauren at our friends' debut)

Whew it's been a busy few weeks! College move in was very successful, shout out to Mom and Dad for beating the heat and helping me move my stuff in. Now that I'm here in college my posts will probably be less travel-related, at least until breaks, but I promise I have some very exciting content coming for you soon! On that are my top tips on What to Pack for College!

First off....don't pack too much // As a freshman/new student this could be your first time moving away from home for an extended period of time. This isn't like summer camp at all, you're actually moving your life and with that understanding we are all inclined to bring everything that reminds us from home. Don't. Instead, choose everything you bring very carefully. If you find you have more space in your room for more of your things, have your parents ship them to you! It's always fun getting mail. You could also have them bring your stuff with them when they come to visit you for the first time.

Choose your wardrobe carefully // Check the typical rainfall and average temperature of your college town before you start packing. This is where the Facebook page or knowing someone who already attends the school can really help you out. Don't bring all your summer clothes if you move in August 19th and colder weather starts September 1st. Bring clothes you feel comfortable walking a lot in and clothes that you feel are appropriate for class. A lot of people change up their style between high school and college and it's completely expected and fine to experiment and find your own personal style, but you should never feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing. If you have to tug at your clothes, feel like you have to wear a jacket, or worry about experiencing a wardrobe malfunction it's probably not great for class. Along with your school clothes, don't forget to bring outfits for weekends, pajamas, lounging around clothes, one or two party-appropriate outfits, at least one business or formal-appropriate outfit for any job interviews or internships.

Shoes shoes shoes // Comfortable comfortable comfortable. That's the only advice I have to share. You're going to be walking a lot, like a lot, so yes bring your cutest boots for the fall and your keds that go perfectly with all outfits....just make sure your poor feet won't fall off due to all the blisters.

School supplies // I am one of those people in my dorm that forgot basic school supplies. I was sitting in my first class on the first day and I realized I did not have any paper. Like at all. Nada. I had to ask for paper from someone else on the first day of school. Don't be like me (or my friend who forgot his backpack, or my other friend who didn't bring any pens or pencils) and actually make a list of school supplies you'll need. Contrary to popular opinion, not every class will be laptop-friendly so you'll actually need some notebooks, pens, pencils, and loose leaf paper. You'll also need a printer, ink, printer paper, a supportive backpack that can hold a lot, at least one binder, a good calculator, a bike depending on your college, the subsequent bike lock, a desk lamp, whiteboard, calendar, folders, daily planner, highlighters....basically pick up one of those high school shopping lists in Target and get a lot of the items on it for college.

Things from home // Bring a few of your most prized mementos to school with you. A few of your favorite stuffed animals, pictures from graduation or your spring break trip with family and friends, your favorite blanket that you always cuddle with on the couch during cold winter days....anything that reminds you of home and the people that love you. It will ease the hard days and brighten the best days. Personally I have my Mom's perfume (one of her emptier bottles) and just one whiff brings me back to her hugs.


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