September 24, 2016

Autumn Lookbook

This post is going to be a little different than my usual and I'd like to start off with my thank yous! Thank you to all of my wonderful models Myriam, Tessa, Elisa, Will, Davidson, Miller, and Finn! You guys were so great! (Shout out to Finn for taking many of the photographs) And thank you to the people over at Tommy John for suggesting this Fall Style post! Tommy John is a men's wear company committed to keeping men comfortable all year round with their line of fashionable, affordable, and comfortable underwear. With all of their help, I have put together for you a comprehensive guide to fall fashion! Perfect for school, work, or just lounging with friends....this guide has you covered!

Kate // boho preppy
How did you come up with this outfit? // I like starting off with a neutral/basic base so the black faux-suede skirt and white bodysuit are great to start with! Then I like to build color and texture out so this cardigan from Forever 21 is one of my favorites, and I've had this hat forever! And of course, the boots. Bless. 

Favorite fall fashion item? // Boots! Definitely boots. Boots boots and more boots.

How has college affected your fashion choices? // I've definitely had to overhaul my wardrobe since returning from Manila. I'm no longer living in a tropical climate so actually acquiring fall clothes was a big change and now getting to dress for colder temperatures, and without the constraints of a uniform from school, is a really nice change/challenge for me. 

Favorite fall activity? // Anything to do with pumpkins really...carving them, eating pumpkin-flavored foods, visiting a pumpkin patch....I love it all. Also Halloween.

Miller // cheap, confused, and tall 
How did you come up with this outfit? // Trial and error, basically. I just tried to find the garments that would accentuate my natural gorgeousness. (Kate's note: I made him wear this jacket. It's a nice jacket.) 

Favorite fall fashion item? // You can't see them that much in the pictures, but I get a lot of confidence knowing that I'm wearing my favorite light plaid boxers.

How has college affected your fashion choices? // I don't really try very hard with my everyday fashion choices and sort of grab whatever I find closest to me so I guess the freedom to do that in college and not having to adhere to a dress code changed my choices.

Favorite fall activity? // My favorite activity specific to fall is definitely walking through a forest and watching the leaves change and fall off the trees. It brings me peace.

(c)-- thanks to Finn for taking these photos of me and Miller

Myriam // affordably chic
How did you come up with this outfit? // I actually picked up the shirt this summer and with the maroon color, I knew it would be a statement piece for me this season. Because the shirt is more dressy with the off-shoulder look, I kept my outfit basic with a pair of jeans, cute booties that scream fall, and bracelets to accessorize.

Favorite fall fashion item? // Definitely booties! Whether worn with warm socks over long jeans or complimenting the roll up look, booties are definitely a statement. Also, the little heel makes even the most basic outfit stylish. 

How has college affected your fashion choices? // As a freshman I have to worry about food, laundry, and buying essentials at the nearest Target. Buying the latest fashion is sadly not on my to-do list, this is where getting creative with fashion comes in. I choose to dress in basic styles, to allow for layering or accessorizing to spice up an outfit.

Favorite fall activity? // My favorite fall activity is taking time to notice and be with nature. Whether running a path, walking to a coffee shop, or reading a book under a tree, it's amazing to watch life change as we say goodbye to one season and hello to another.
("I literally cannot see") 

Will // Effortless Comfort
How did you come up with this outfit? // This outfit was a product of a lack of motivation to finish laundry and a massive level of influence from the forces of comfort.

Favorite fall fashion item? // My favorite fall fashion item would have to be the revered infinity scarf due to its multi-purposefulness.

How has college affected your fashion choices? // College has made me more aware of the importance of having clothes that legitimately fit you; no more XXL's nor M's for this slightly above average sized man.

Favorite fall activity? // My favorite thing to do in the fall would have to be receiving a slice of pumpkin pie and smothering it with an atrocious amount of whipped cream and pretending that it isn't a personal challenge to see how few bites I can take to finish it.

(c) -- thanks to Finn for taking these photos of Will 

Tessa // vintage classy 
How did you come up with this outfit? // I recently bought the cropped sweater and tried to revolve the whole outfit about that.

Favorite fall fashion item? // Probably sweaters and leggings. Basically comfy clothes to wear to rehearsal (#theatergeek)

How has college affected your fashion choices? // Well, my high school had a dress code so being able to wear whatever I want in college has been great. Also, the warmer weather lasting longer here than at home has been great for the shorts and skirts in my wardrobe. 

Favorite fall activity? // Sit at home, drink hot chocolate, and watch TV? Wait for the holiday season? Probably go to rehearsals for the fall theatre productions, though I am enjoying being able to walk around Colonial Williamsburg now that I'm here!

Davidson // warm lumberjack 
How did you come up with this outfit? // I chose my favorite flannel and the only pair of jeans I brought and thought "this'll look nice AND be warm!" 

Favorite fall fashion item? // Scarves!

How has college affected your fashion choices? // It hasn't, really. I still wear what I would back in Walla Walla. 

Favorite fall activity? // Take walks and see the beauty of nature as it changes.

Elisa -- hipster chic
How did you come up with this outfit? // With the help of my momma of course. I try to be comfortable in what I wear overall. 

Favorite fall fashion item? // Boots, beanies, and hoodies!

How has college affected your fashion choices? // I've gotten lazier with clothes than usual....I mean I wear my pajamas to my classes half the time so....

Favorite fall activity? // Sit outside and read.

Finn // comfortably basic
How did you come up with this outfit? // I like to wear solid colors, and I thought this combination of solid colors (red, tan, and brown) was pleasing and reminiscent of fall.

Favorite fall fashion item? // Scarves.

How has college affected your fashion choices? // I've been able to express myself more often, as I had to follow a strict dress code in my high school. 

Favorite fall activity? // Halloween and anything Halloween related (like ghost tours!) are fun.

Thanks again to Tommy John for suggesting this post--we had a lot of fun from start to end! Thanks to Finn for taking some amazing photos, and thanks to all my friends for helping me! 


What is your favorite fall look?