September 30, 2016

September Favorites

This online thrift store
I absolutely love browsing through thrift shops. Basically anywhere that comes with a lot of character, a musty-smelling upstairs, and the ability to buy an '80s wedding dress for 100 dollars count me in. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to pop into local thrift stores so ThredUp is doing it for me! An online second-hand shop where people sell their gently-loved or even brand-new, never-used items!
You can find the dress pictured above here (selling for $57.99 on ThredUp) and the check out the rest of the site here!

This video of a deer ranting about being hit by a car (WARNING: strong language)
My friends and I stumbled across this video on Facebook, I don't even recall how, and we have been either quoting the video to each other throughout the day or laughing until we're in tears while watching it. It's definitely worth a watch....and definitely not work or school appropriate. Save this one for you and your friends. Find the video on Facebook here -- again warning you, strong language coming your way!

Seoul Man, a memoir by Frank Aherns
When I saw this pop up in the handy little "things we think you'd like!" section of Amazon (honestly half my money goes to the things I find in there) I immediately ordered it! Having lived overseas myself as an expat I was very interested in reading about his experiences--and never having visited Korea but always wanting to, I was definitely intrigued by the differences in our expat experiences: Manila vs Seoul. I haven't even finished this book yet and I can already recommend it to you if you're honestly curious about expat life in Asia--Frank relates his experiences with a sense of humor but always with the underbelly of truth. 
Seoul Man retails on for $17.77--find it here

Rent, the movie soundtrack
As one of our Friday night movie picks, my friends and I all sat together in the dorm lounge and watched Rent. Probably not the best idea considering by the end we were all huddled together on one sofa, holding hands, and sobbing our eyes out. If you haven't seen Rent I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it--just have a lot of tissues and emotional support nearby. Also, Tessa, Jess, and I have been singing the songs from this soundtrack for 3 weeks now so prepare yourself to have these songs stuck in your head for eternity.
Find the full soundtrack on YouTube here, purchase on iTunes for $16.99 here

This Floral Print Lace-Up Maxi Dress from Forever 21
My love affair with maxi dresses continues with this gorgeous burgundy creation from Forever 21. I was motivated past my doubts of this dress being "too summery" to order in late September by the fact my closet started looking empty without it. I will warn you that the color pictured is not the actual color of the dress, it is a deep burgundy--which ups the autumn factor! Pair it with a cute dress and some ankle booties and you're good to go!
Find it on Forever 21's website for $27.90 here

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