November 9, 2016

My Open Letter to Every Trump Supporter

I don't get very political on my blog. I don't think it serves any purpose usually, and usually I'm not feeling as much about it as I am today. So, this is going to be a departure from my usual due to the election that occurred in America last night. Please feel free to leave comments supporting any political view or ideal, I would love to have a discussion about this. But please note that any comment that is degrading or rude will be deleted.

I hope that everyone who voted for trump understands this: as a woman, you just took away any rights I have to my body. Congrats, I can’t abort a fetus that could be a side effect of rape or sexual assault—things our new president said he’s done and said is okay to do. And, um, newsflash—if I choose to abort a baby that’s a product of me having unprotected sex, or sex where counter-measures didn’t work, that’s still. my. choice. Well....not anymore I guess. If I didn't have healthcare, and your president said he wants to defund planned parenthood, I could no longer access STD screenings, pregnancy tests, or even get screened for cancer.

Also, anyone who happens to be married to someone of the same gender—their marriage could very well become illegal in the coming months. When this happens, I want you to look your married parents, your married grandparents, your married aunts and uncles, your married friends in the face and tell them that their marriage isn’t good enough to be considered one, that they’re not good enough to be married to one another, that they’re “disgusting” and “inhuman” for loving each other and wanting to show that off. Because that’s what you’re telling to every single LGBT+ couple. Oh, and if they have any children? Best take them away, “for their own protection”.

I hope you enjoy some gulps of unpolluted air while you can get them. Your president thinks climate change is a hoax orchestrated by China, who is suffering from some of the worst pollution on the planet. Please note that as we continue to poison our world, it's your children that are going to have to either fix it, or have a gas mask and some flippers handy.

I hope you look at any non-white looking person and know that you voted for the fear they are currently filled with. You voted for the party that tells them they’re not worthy of being an American and they will be sent back to a country where they could have no familial ties, that could be experiencing mass violence or mass poverty. I hope you can look them in their tear-filled eyes, and tell them they’re not worthy of respect, of safety, or of American citizenship because they’re not white.

By the way, being “American” used to mean reveling in the immigrant experience. Unless you’re Native American, you wouldn’t be here today if your immigrant ancestors hadn’t made that dangerous passage in search of a new life. How disappointed must they be in you right now. I just hope that when your president delivers on these promises to revert our country into a state of fear, of paranoia, of violence….you wave your trump flag and shirt and hat and sticker high, and look your child in the face and tell them you helped bring this country to its knees.

Now, I cannot say that all is lost. In our nearly 300 year history, America has faced countless trials and tribulations that served as a uniting force in our history. We began as a country that did not want to be dominated by a demanding monarchy that gave no say to the people it ruled, so we declared ourselves independent and fought to keep it that way. We united our country and fought back when we were attacked on Pearl Harbor in the midst of WWII. On 9/11 we grieved together as a nation under siege, and vowed to avenge the dead. We did all this together as a nation. It is time once again to band together. We must show our government we will not tolerate hatred and bigotry in our country. Donald Trump is our 45th president, yes. But all hope is not lost. By sticking to the values we know we hold as Americans, we will win in the end. Love trumps Hate, always and forever. We can, and will, survive.

Humanity lost last night. I have nothing more to say.


(Oh, and for those of you who voted 3rd party or didn't vote at all? Congrats on the trump presidency because it was you who gave it to him.)


  1. I think it's great planned parenthood is de-funded. Now you truly have the choice over your body, the government is completely out of the equation. Now if you want an abortion, or others do, you'll have to pay for it. It's truly up to you. It's also now up to the women who want to use planned parenthood's services to provide and pay for it. Having the government out of it completely should be beneficial.

    1. Yes but what about those who cannot afford to pay for private healthcare services, such as abortions? That's who Planned Parenthood really helps--those without insurance and without the money to pay for those services.