December 14, 2016

My Christmas List 2016

'Tis the season of loving those around you, being extra nice to everybody, and giving gifts! I love giving gifts, especially when I know the person will love what I got them! It's priceless to see the look on someone's face when they open a gift that reminded you of them. So, to possibly give you ideas about what to get that special tea-drinking, Golden Girls-watching, travel blogger in your life, here is my Christmas List 2016! (Feel free to steal some stuff off of it, I know you'll want to!)

Camera lens // After a heavy bit of research (aka endless scrolling through my favorite bloggers' FAQ pages), I found my dream gift that goes at the top of my wish list....this pancake lens! I love taking pictures of my food in restaurants, but I'm also embarrassed and feel very tourist-y taking my camera with its normal big lens into the restaurant! A pancake lens, that works for close and far away, solves all of my problems!
Retails on for $110.99 (currently on sale!)

Boots! // I blogged about these boots in my November Favorites and for a good reason! I'm in love with these thigh-high crushed blue velvet masterpieces. I may not be able to walk very far in them, but I will stand and/or sit damn pretty in these boots from Asos!
Retails on for $83.00

Golden Girls mug // If you didn't already know, I may be one of the biggest Golden Girls fans ever. Turned onto the show in my middle school years I have seen every episode multiple times, enough to point out when something is edited for TV, all the available bloopers, reunions etc. I have a book called "Golden Girls Forever". I'm hooked! So this #squadgoals mug of the Girls was an immediate addition to my Christmas list. 
Sold by an Etsy Shop that is currently on break! :(

Golden Girls script // Continuing with my love for anything and everything Golden Girls (my friend Jess got me a Golden Girls Rose figurine for Christmas and I cried), a special Etsy shop sells signed scripts of several different TV shows and movies. There is a Golden Girls episode signed script and I would probably scream if someone gave this to me for Christmas.....
Sold by the Hollywood Finds Etsy shop for $18.95

Measuring Cups set // I love to bake (and love sharing my recipes with you here on the blog!) but I found out the hard way that baking in the dorm kitchen is not easy stuff. This is why I'm asking for basically a full set of cooking and baking stuff for Christmas....including these absolutely adorable measuring cups! Anthropolgie is the store of my soul and if I wasn't a broke college student I would definitely shop there more!
Retails on for $48.00

Makeup palette // Ashley Tisdale, aka Queen of my childhood as Maddie on Suite Life and as Sharpay in all the High School Musicals, has founded a makeup company: Illuminate by Ashley. Of course, the woman is gorgeous so I had to check it out and not only do I love the products, they're all-vegan, non-animal tested, and help you keep your beach goddess vibe all year round! Plus, the cheek and eye palette that I'm drooling over with 12 colors is well within my budget at under $15!
Retails on for $12.50 (currently on sale!)

MAC Lipstick // Once described to me as the most universally flattering red lipstick shade, this MAC Ruby Woo lipstick found its way onto my Christmas list. I've been wanting to experiment with red lipstick for a while but as a very pale & very blonde person I was worried that I would come off more vampire-like than intended. I've decided to take the leap and placed this Ruby Woo MAC lipstick shade on my list. 
Retails on for $17.00

Gift cards! // Last but not least the gift I hate giving but love to cards! Oh how can I count the ways I could use gift cards as a broke college student. Specifically I've requested Forever 21, Target, Dominos Pizza, Panera Bread, Wawa Convenience Market, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards. (But I'm not picky :)


That's my Christmas List 2016! What's on your Christmas list? Do you like giving gifts or getting gifts better? Let's chat in the comments! (Or on social media--let's be friends on Twitter and Instagram)


  1. I love the look of those boots!

    1. Me too, Esther!


  2. You will never regret buying the 50mm lens! It is pretty much all I use now... it's perfect. And as with Ruby Woo, again it's a classic. You will love it! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

    Denton & Lou 

    1. Thanks Megan! I'm really excited about the new lens....Hope your holidays were wonderful! <3