January 20, 2017

How to be More Like a Rooster

How are those new year resolutions coming along? Let's be honest with each other, need to revise them a bit? You have a chance! We might be almost a month into 2017 but there is another New Year coming up....according to the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year is on January 28! Let's welcome the Year of the Rooster! The 10th of 12 total signs in the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is an observant and hardworking sign symbolic of honesty, punctuality, and ambition. This makes 2017 the perfect year to take charge and not only recover from 2016 but start thriving!

Check yourself // We all are guilty of telling a little lie or two from time to time. To help yourself prepare to embrace your inner Rooster in 2017, try thinking about your phrasing. Instead of "my schedule changed" try "I changed my schedule, which means...." Even keeping yourself accountable to little things like that will have you reaping benefits in all of your relationships, as your friends and family will appreciate this (tiny) truth. This also can help keep you more accountable to your original New Years resolutions, and any goals you set for yourself. Be an honest Rooster.

Stop. hitting. snooze. // The snooze button is so enticing. I definitely understand this...but I also know the dangers of oversleeping or sacrificing important time for more sleep. Actually, when you hit the snooze button, your body is already beginning to wake itself up so delaying the process doesn't help you at all. Any sleep you gain by hitting the snooze actually makes you feel more tired and lethargic throughout the day. Also, Roosters are punctual! This doesn't just mean being on time for that important meeting or 8 am class--it means consciously waking up, preparing yourself, and presenting the best version of yourself. Just stop hitting snooze. 

Open your eyes // Roosters are observant. This doesn't mean you need to carry a Harriet the Spy type journal around everywhere you go, just start noticing things in your everyday environments. Maybe your neighbor planted roses that are starting to bloom and the smell brings a smile to your face when you leave your house. Maybe the dining hall got better coffee and you notice a difference in the flavor. You'll never know what you discover if you start actively noticing your environment instead of always being present somewhere else in your mind. Next time you find yourself waiting for a friend, put the phone down and soak in the environment. People-watch for a bit! It's a real blast I promise. 

Take care of yourself // Make yourself a priority in 2017! Stop sacrificing sleep for unimportant reasons, make sure your skincare regimen is on point every night, try to eat a balanced diet (the occasional Cheetos binge is perfectly fine, I won't tell if you won't), and generally start taking care of yourself. Health and fitness resolutions are always the most popular, for a good reason! Stop taking your body for granted in 2017, and believe me you will benefit endlessly both now and later.

Stop taking the easy way out // The Rooster is a hardworking sign so make 2017 the year you stop taking the easy way out. That test tomorrow? Don't slack on your studying. That presentation? Put everything you've got into it. Knowing you couldn't have worked harder on something is a reward in itself. Now, this doesn't mean stay up all night or rely on caffeine to get you through. No no. Take care of yourself while you stop taking the easy way out. I know when I've worked as hard as I possibly can during the day, there's nothing that feels better than going to bed! In this way I'm glad to have been inspired by the folks over at Leesa for this post. (Leesa is not only a great mattress company, they're a feel-good, give-back kind of all about them here)

Dream big // I'm a big fan of never giving up on your dreams. I know too many unhappy people who are going through the motions of life because they don't enjoy their job/career/internship. I think we get one chance at this life, so the risks are well worth it. Go after your dream this year! Write the novel you've always dreamt of, take that hiking trip you've been planning for ages, try that radically new hairstyle! You don't have to quit your job and completely start over right away! Make little changes--they could lead to bigger changes and before you know it? More happiness. We could all use a little more of that. 

This is how I plan to be a bold, ambitious, hard working, big-dreaming Rooster this 2017. How are you going to do it?


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