March 8, 2017

Caribbean Cruising

Happy Spring Break 2017! This year Mom and I decided to accompany my grandparents (perpetual cruisers along with the rest of the oldies) on a Caribbean cruise! This is what we’ve been up to so far.

Our first stop was the private island owned by Celebrity Cruises. Unfortunately, the weather was too rough for us to tender to the island so we were forced to skip it. This led to a leisurely two days at sea for all of us on board! Mom and I took a spin around the casino, spent a fair bit of time lounging by the pool, and caught several comedy shows! We also ate...a lot. 

Eggs, hash browns, and her autobiography (that I adore)

Yesterday morning began with breakfast in bed and some unsavory weather before the sun smiled on us, making Mom and I race up to the top deck for some prime sun time.

The food is the most integral part of the cruise experience and, as such, I simply couldn't stop myself from digging in to take a photo until after we'd licked the plates clean!

We joined mia nonna and mio nonno for lunch in the dining room before Mom and I rushed off to be on time for our spa appointments! Two hours, a massage and facial, and lots of relaxation later we emerged, ready to dress for dinner.

We lounged and chatted for a bit with a few before-dinner drinks before we went to see a Broadway cabaret in the theater on board! We see a show before our supper every night and honestly it’s the only way to live. I don’t know how I’ll get by back on land!

We were having too much fun to focus properly

Last night was our first black tie night on board and everyone was dressed to the nines, making it the perfect opportunity to take pictures! My grandparents have been together for almost 50 years, and they’re an inspiration every day.

We’re off to explore some Mayan ruins today so stay tuned!


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