April 2, 2017

March Favorites

This gorgeous dress from ModCloth
I came across this dress doing research for my Summer Wedding Style 101 post and I'm absolutely in love. The shape of the skirt, the pattern, the cut of the's all incredible. Unfortunately I don't have a place to wear this or the $300 to buy it but hey--a girl can dream.

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With such desserts as a Triple Chocolate Layer Pie and Raw Chocolate Banana Cashew Cream Pies, these 7 desserts need to be added to your recipe box immediately. #EdibleArt 

Italian fashion blogger superstar Chiara Ferragni
I've recently become rather obsessed with street style and one of my new favorites is Chiara Ferragni. I actually turned on post notifications for her Insta -- we're that involved. (I've also started a new venture--a separate blog all about fashion called Broke Girl Style! Check it out here!) 

Nashville, Tennessee
Since starting college, aka living on a stricter budget with far less extensive travel opportunities, I've started to dream about trips that I could take here in the States. Nashville has recently landed itself in the higher regions of my list--I think a road trip might be in order!

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"La Dolce Vita", dir. Frederico Fellini
I recently watched this masterpiece with my Italian class and let me tell you...Frederico Fellini is now one of my favorite directors and both this film and his film "8 1/2" (that also stars Marcello Mastroianni) have landed on my permanent favorites list. The way Fellini chose to frame this entire film, the subliminal messaging, the hidden's all perfect, even if the overall message is a rather dated one.

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