June 1, 2017

May Favorites

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For your taste buds....
This blueberry breakfast cake recipe
Being a fan of everything cake and breakfast-related, respectively, how could I not be a fan of something that is cake + breakfast?! Full disclosure: I haven't tried this cake yet (and when I do, expect a post!) because of my recent sugar detox but I've been drooling over it this month. Originally found on Pinterest (let's be friends!)

For your partner....
This oh-too accurate statement of affairs for many relationships Translated from the original French and presented in comic strip form, this commentary on the splitting up of household chores in typical relationships struck a nerve with people everywhere, and even with me! (Someone woefully single atm) Originally found on Cup of Jo's weekly Friday round-ups.

Styles and late-night TV host James Corden
For your soul & your ears....
This beautiful collection of songs, formally known as Harry Styles' new album
Having been a fan of One Direction since their third album, I was quite excited for Harry's venture into solo music. If Styles lacks anything, it's sure as hell not talent. I very rarely enjoy entire albums, in fact the only 2 others are Halsey's 'Badlands' and Adam Lambert's 'The Original High', but I love this one. It's old rock with both melancholy notes and tattoo-able lyrics. (PS 'Kiwi' is my favorite, if I was being forced to choose)

For your nightmares....
This epic novel, "the Moby Dick of horror novels"
Not a slight read, at over 1000 pages, you will be haunted by this nightmarish clown stalking children in the small-town Maine equivalent of hell on Earth. (PS it has already enjoyed movie, starring Tim Curry, and mini-series adaptations and is up for a new depiction coming to the big screen this year)

For your summer wardrobe....
This sunflower sun dress (available in 2 colors!)
A gorgeously flirty addition to your summer style, this swing dress with spaghetti straps is perfect for nearly every summer occasion! Backyard barbecue? Cute date? Stroll along the boardwalk? I love the cinched waist and buttons on the front, as well as the bright pattern.
Get this cute dress here for $16.99

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