August 9, 2017

Beach Day 2017

Lex, me, Haley, Jordan, Hannah, Max

Tell me if you've heard this one before. Six lifeguards walk onto a beach....

No? Well welcome to Guards Day Off 2017! My friends and I, all lifeguarding at a waterpark this summer, recently realized we hadn't spent enough time together outside of work so we picked a day (that miraculously we all had off!) and carpooled to the beach.

We had a dance party, did some couples yoga, spent some time in the water....okay they did. I'm more of an 'appreciate the ocean from afar, and enjoy the dry beach' person. We snacked a lot, and laughed a lot, and spent a few hours trying (and failing) to even out our tan lines from our work uniforms.

We can save your life and look good doing it!
Fun fact: my mouth is always open in my pictures because I literally never stop talking
We figured out that Hannah looks exactly like Princess Moana!! How crazy is that?

Our day took us from the beach, to dinner, to a sunset on a sand dune, to frozen yogurt, and finally to midnight bowling. It was an incredible day from start to finish and I don't want to say goodbye to this crew! We're all heading back to our separate colleges soon so we're trying to soak up as much time together as possible....even if that means having fun together at work!

It's days like this that make me miss summer all year round. (But like the oversized sweater lover that I am, I am so ready for autumn!)


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