September 27, 2017

September Favorites

For your foodie best friend...
This delicious subscription box!
Try the World subscription boxes have been on my 'must-try' list for a while now.  Every month is a different country and you'll get 7-8 yummies to try from each place. This month if you sign up for the service you can choose between Canada or India's boxes to get you started -- getting mail has never been so tasty!

For your artsy mom who chooses desert over city every time...
These gorgeous raw turquoise stone rings!
These also made their way onto my 'must-have' list this year, are't they just so pretty? An Etsy creation (if I haven't spoken recently of my love for Etsy consider this your reminder) these rings are available in a huge range of sizes and in gold or silver finish.

For your sister who loves to read autobiographies...
Rabbit: the Autobiography of Ms. Pat
The story of growing up in Atlanta during the crack cocaine epidemic, comedian Patricia Williams tells the story of her early pregnancy and her struggle to survive with two children at 15. This surprisingly funny, and movingly poignant, memoir is a must-read.

For your roommate who is obsessed with Halloween...
this off-the-shoulder Jack-o-Lantern dress!
Probably meant as a lazy take on a Halloween costume, I am one of those people who would actually wear this out and about regardless of the holiday. Perfect for a fall wardrobe, with a cheeky little name, this dress is cute, fun, and a little sexy! (It ought to be coming from lingerie store Yandy! Don't open this link at work....)

For your niece who loves her stuffed animals...
make her day with this huge, over 4' tall, stuffed bear!
Costco has the best stuff when you're buying for a small army regiment, or a ravenous family of four, but it also has the best niche stuff! Including this ginormous bear! Already on my own Christmas wish list, this bear is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra-sized love in their lives right now. (And there's an even bigger one if you feel like shelling out!)

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