November 1, 2017

October Favorites

For your hipster cousin that slays fall fashion game...
this super cute hat!
IvyRevel has been one of my favorite brands for a while now. Created in part by one of my favorite style bloggers, Kenza, this deep red wine hat has a large brim and a satin ribbon that will bring all autumn outfits to the next level. 

For your next Friendsgiving...
this caramel apple cheesecake recipe!
I'm a huge lover of cheesecake (it's the Golden Girl in me what can I say) so I like to consume as much of it as possible. This delectable-looking caramel apple cheesecake caught my eye almost immediately! A fun addition to any Thanksgiving celebration (or even just a special Friday night) you can't go wrong with a cheesecake! (Psst -- we should be friends on Pinterest! Check out my delectable desserts board)

For your #mcm who adores all things foreign + horror...
this Italian horror movie is for you!
I love foreign movies. I can't describe it, the films just have this intangible aura to them. (This movie wasn't really foreign because I do speak Italian but I digress) I hadn't watched horror movies besides those produced by Hollywood and boy was I was missing out! 'Profondo Rosso' or 'deep red' is an Italian horror/thriller drama that will literally keep you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.

For your mom who's still heartbroken about the last election...
this new photo book of Obama's presidency!
We could all use a reminder of better times so this book couldn't be dropping at a better time. Pete Souza, the official white house photographer during the Obama administration, shares intimate portraits of our 44th President and his life behind the scenes

For your roommate who loves fashionable travel...
this guide to doing Bondi Beach like a local
The Chronicles of Her is another of my favorite blogs. They have such a wide array of content that I think there must be something for everyone! Their "how to" guides are always must-reads and lately I've got travel on the brain. Boom! A guide to Bondi Beach, one of the most popular destinations in the sunny down under.

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