November 22, 2017

Winter Hair Hacks

I don't really care what the calendar says -- once our daily high is 45°F or lower, it's winter. And every year around this time my hair gets limp and dry which makes my scalp itchy and scatters little dandruff flakes all over my shoulders. I've tried countless different products and quick-fix tricks that left me with an even itchier scalp. This year I teamed up with Maple Holistics, a company that specializes in organic and natural hair care products.

Saturday mornings are for the farmers market -- it's one of my favorite traditions. Roomie Tessa and I get muffins for breakfast and walk around trying to pet as many dogs as possible before picking up some yummies for the week ahead. This week it was a box of colorful sweet peppers that we munched on while walking around the market.

I tried Maple Holistics' tea tree oil shampoo, specially formulated to help combat itchy scalp. The shampoo is sulfate free which is a must when you have highlighted hair! I've always loved products with natural ingredients because I like to know that what's going into my body won't hurt me. That's why I was especially drawn to trying Maple Holistics. Within a few days the difference was clear. My scalp was less itchy, I had less annoying dandruff, and the shampoo didn't dry out my hair!

My friend Kelly and I popped into Mermaid Books, the most wonderful basement bookstore in Williamsburg. It has every kind of book you'd ever want -- including a fully-stocked romance section! Spine-tingling romance I'm not so sure, but there are definitely lots of laughs. 

I absolutely love how smooth and manageable my hair has been lately. It's been incredible to wake up after sleeping with wet hair and be able to run my fingers through my hair without hitting knots and snags. Integrating the shampoo into my routine was a breeze -- I lather my hair up with this, partner it with an argan oil smoothing shampoo, and top it all off with a luxuriously creamy hair conditioning mask. Now I've got my summer hair in the middle of winter (okay...maybe not the middle) and I couldn't be happier.


Thank you to Maple Holistics for sponsoring this post -- opinions are always my own

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