December 22, 2017


ah it's that time again. as 2017 winds down and we look forward to 2018, it's a period of renewal. a rebirth. think about it....the entire world comes together on this one night and desperately hopes for the next year to bring only positive things. that's pretty damn magical.

as much of a (much-needed) rebirth this new year will be for the world, it is the perfect time to recommit yourself to what is most positive for you. that's why new years resolutions are so popular. unfortunately, too many are abandoned by the wayside in the middle of January when real life gets in the way of those champagne-tinted promises we make to ourselves every December 31st. that's why we're going to figure out how to make 2018 the best year ever, with this list of tips on How to Make New Years Resolutions That Actually Stick.

be specific // the best way to ensure any goal you set won't be achieved is to make it too broad. 'get in shape' is the most popular new years resolution but everyone has their own idea of what that would mean to them. if you want your resolutions to succeed be as specific as possible. 'get in shape' becomes 'run the 5k next August' and suddenly you have a tangible goal and a timeline to get things done. 

set goals // now that you have a specific resolution, break it down. if you're trying to run that 5k, set weekly distance or time goals for yourself to work on. if you're working to pick up a new skill, test yourself every week on one new aspect. learning to play piano? commit to mastering one new piece (or section of a piece) every week.

make a plan // you've got your resolution and your goals -- now you've got to think about the work. in your daily/weekly schedule carve out time specifically to work on your resolution in a time that will be consistent and that you know is possible. believe me, there is time to be found in even the busiest people's schedules. (for major resolutions inspo check out my favorite comic strip: "is that not worth exploring")

check-in // as soon as you create your resolution, look ahead on your calendar and mark a day 6 months from now to check in on your resolution. use this as your mid-year renewal -- if your goal has fallen by the wayside now you have a solid reminder of what you were dreaming of. check in with yourself and your progress and note just how far you have come instead of how far you have still to go.

adjust // all goals need readjustment from time to time so make sure you really pay attention to your own boundaries. if that 5k really isn't within reach this year, why not start with a 3k? you should have to work for your goals but your goals need to fit you to be realistic.

celebrate // the day of the 5k is here. you've trained for months, now is the time to show it off! invite everyone you know to the finish line. decided to learn piano? time for your impromptu concert! a really fun idea to show off what you've achieved in your year is to have a party next December to demonstrate your mad piano skills to all of your friends. call it a resolutions party, and invite your friends to show off their resolutions too!

do you make new years resolutions? what are your tips for making them stick? 


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