January 19, 2018

Facing Your Fashion Fears

As an industry, fashion has always been about pushing boundaries but too many people assume that the risk-taking attitude belongs only to runway shows and designer labels. Myself included! I've spent far too many days uncomfortable in my fashion choices for a myriad of reasons -- no more! Dia & Co, the wonderful plus-sized fashion empire, have started their Try-Day Friday campaign to encourage everyone to feel free to wear exactly what they want.

I fell in love with this Forever 21 sheer shirt the first time I saw it but it took me a couple days to actually work up the courage to buy it. I've always felt kind of awkward in my body with my broad swimmer shoulders and narrow waist with wider hips so wearing a see-through shirt was something 2014 me would have never even considered! 2017 me was also not totally on board, I have to say. I decided I loved the shirt too much to pass up and a wardrobe classic was born. Now the blouse is in regular rotation and I couldn't imagine my wardrobe without it. 

This is your Try-Day Friday reminder to take a risk now and again and wear what you feel most confident and comfortable in. Thanks to Dia & Co for the wonderful campaign! Use the hashtag #wearwhatscaresyou and show off your confident and beautiful self!


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