June 24, 2018

A Beach Carnival

There is an annual carnival here on the beach that benefits the county's Youth & Children Partnership and this year I was actually in town to go!

I love carnivals and fairs for one main reason: the food! Fair food is all deep-fried or sugar-spun yumminess and there's nothing quite like a bag of rainbow-colored cotton candy to make a girl feel festive.
A couple weeks ago I went to a Hayley Kiyoko concert that was honestly the night of my life. I met some incredible girls at the show -- including this kind soul Loyda! The show was such a reminder of how small a world it really is -- while waiting in line to get in the door we struck up a conversation and discovered that Loyda and I live about 10 minutes from each other! Of course when it came time to go to the fair I thought it was time for a reunion.
Real focused on my food here, clearly 
One of my newest (and already favorite) outfits! A bodysuit I'm recycling from dozens of old outfits, a pair of ruffled striped shorts that's actually part of a set with matching wrap crop top, my new favorite sneakers with rainbows on the back!, and my grandpa's button-down to help keep me warm. It gets chilly on the sound side!

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