March 14, 2018

Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic

Spring break is a glorious tradition that, for my family at least, means getting as warm as possible! We definitely achieved that this year with our fabulous week-long stay in the Dominican Republic.

Rather modestly, I tend to think of myself as pretty well-traveled. (For a 20 year old at least!) Mom began traveling years before I even turned up and we have something of a competition going to see who can travel the most. Neither one of us can even hold a candle to my grandparents, though! Having not only stepped foot on nearly every continent but rather ravenously explored the globe, my grandparents are the hands-down travel winners of our family. So it was this motley group of experienced travelers that set out on our journey to the Dominican Republic, and what a journey it ended up being!
February 22, 2018

New Art With Photowall + A Discount Code!

Love is in the air and now it hangs on my walls! Living in a campus dorm is notoriously dreary. No matter how wonderful the school, the campus, the dorm professes itself to're still living in a cramped bedroom with a roommate (or three), a microwave that becomes a multi-use cooking space, and never enough space. Enter: Photowall
February 19, 2018


I am 20. 2-0. I decided that on my 20th birthday, in the theme of other major milestones in my life, most recently high school graduation, I would write letters to a few of the important people in my life. I had finished writing my letters when I realized I'd left someone pretty important off the list: me. So here is my (rather belated) letter to myself at 20.

Dear Me
February 2, 2018

Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

I have your new go-to brunch recipe! These muffins are fluffy, light, and the perfect amount of chocolate-y. They're also super easy to make! Try them and let me know!

January 19, 2018

Facing Your Fashion Fears

As an industry, fashion has always been about pushing boundaries but too many people assume that the risk-taking attitude belongs only to runway shows and designer labels. Myself included! I've spent far too many days uncomfortable in my fashion choices for a myriad of reasons -- no more! Dia & Co, the wonderful plus-sized fashion empire, have started their Try-Day Friday campaign to encourage everyone to feel free to wear exactly what they want.