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Meet the Blogger

My name is Kate and I was born in the wrong generation. I can quote every Golden Girls line (as in, ever), I'm a pescetarian who loves experiencing new foods, and I adore travel! I lived in Manila throughout my high school life and now have moved back to the States for the next part of my journey: college!

I started this blog in May of 2013 with a different purpose in mind. Sadly, like too many teenagers today experience, I was very insecure and wanted to share my experience of getting fit (hence, bombshell to be). Now, I find that this blog shouldn't be just about me going through my journey alone but about all of us going through life together. If you'll notice, I very rarely talk about my body anymore. Am I completely satisfied with it? Not always, but I am comfortable in who I am and have realized that being the best version of yourself should be the real goal.

This blog now is mainly about travel, food experiences, and my life as an expat my life as a university student! I often talk about the problems I have because it has been my experience that if you question something, someone somewhere is questioning it too. Please don't feel shy to talk to me, to comment, to message me on various social media sites, I love it! I love feeling like I'm really reaching you guys.

I also have recently started another little venture....a purely fashion blog called Broke Girl Style! If you're into fashion, and don't have an endless bank account, you're going to want to follow me!

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram....and all my other sites on the Social page. 

Strap yourselves in tight butterflies, this will be a bumpy ride


PS If you like my photos and want to schedule a photo shoot, follow out my professional Instagram and check out my photography page!


  1. Very great blog! I would love for you to stop by mine :) - Seri from


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