March 20, 2020

Life On Fire

It's very strange, grieving in the Internet age. I am convinced that human beings were not meant to have all the information that is readily available to us online. My Twitter feed is crawling with stories and perspectives from all over the globe. It's hard to agree with one opinion when there are so many competing voices and so, mostly, my response to this entire life-shift has been to shut down because I am overwhelmed.
January 17, 2020

& A Little Bit of Relish

Let me be blunt. I sincerely believe that if social media had existed the way it does today only 7 years ago, when I was 14, I would have caused myself severe injury. Let me explain.

Here's 15-year-old Kate so excited to have won 5th place at my very first varsity meet as a high schooler

November 16, 2019

The Ideal Life Experiment

I thought it was going to be like one of those Allure articles where a woman tongue-in-cheek tries to revamp her life and discovers she's had all that ~potential~ inside her the whole time! Yknow those articles that have a curatedly pessimistic undertone and a healthy dose of the privilege of being able to go on "juice cleanses"? Yeah, I thought it was going to be like that.
September 22, 2019

Making the Case for Friend-Dates

My roomie Jess & I on our fancy friend date

I've been on a bit of a dating streak lately. Though I have to confess, none of my dates will be inspiring me to change my relationship status anytime soon. No, I haven't been on a series of dull dates -- I've been dating my friends! Sort of.

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy with school & life and normally I would've thrown myself into nothing but work but I found that my friends really rallied around me and pushed me outside my study bubble through various friendship dates.

My bubbeleh Jared and I found ourselves together and starving at 5pm on a Friday so we took a little stroll to our local bakery. One of the things I miss most about living in Europe is definitely the availability of fresh pastries everywhere so I was absolutely delighted when J suggested splitting a baguette for supper. We sat on a bench in Colonial Williamsburg and watched the sun set over the cobblestones. 10/10 simple date idea.

Sweet roomie Jess got a new job!! And to celebrate we went for a just-us dinner at our fave fancy place in CW, including the most decadent mac & cheese and a shared bowl of chocolate mousse for dessert. It honestly felt pretty reminiscent of an actual date -- probably because we were surrounded by real couples on their respective date nights! (PS carpooling with your 'date' is so convenient)

I also don't restrict my definition of "date" to just meals or spending money. Fellow yogi Emma and I grabbed a quick dining hall meal a few days ago that consisted solely of French fries; Amrita and I grabbed our go-to pints of Ben & Jerrys for the 5 hours we spent together in passing; my friend and I drove to Richmond on a Tuesday night to catch an author reading at the cutest book shop and browse vintage clothing; Hank made impossible burgers and baked potatoes for us in his kitchen before my yoga class one Monday night. 

I think the most special thing about a friend date is the very premise of it! These days I find that I'm too easily distracted when I'm with my favorite people and a date is meant to spend time focusing all of your attention and energy on the person you're with so every now and again it's necessary to disrupt the routine.

I was also enchanted by all of these encounters because instead of waiting for the weekend to have fun, I found myself having small "dates" in the middle of the week! It actually really helped with my stress levels and overall kept my feet closer to the ground than they would've been had I done nothing but keep my nose in a book for those hectic 2 weeks.

TL,DR: Take your friends on dates! It's a great boost to the friendship as well as your own well-being.

Do you go on friend dates? What's the best date (friend or otherwise) you've ever been on?