December 9, 2013

Bombshell Word Challenge

Okay so my brilliant love Tate came up with an idea: we would both give each other a word and then write a short post about it. I gave her the word "star(s)", easy and beautiful right? What word did she give me? Xanadu.             Yeah, I had no idea either.
So I looked it up and it means: "used to convey an impression of a place as almost unattainably luxurious or beautiful." Alrightie then…I have a place that I find very unattainably luxurious and beautiful that others may not find that way. My grandparents estate home on the beach is probably my favorite place in the entire world and it is so beautifully luxurious to me and the feeling it gives me is unattainable from anywhere else. I spent a good chunk of my chubby years (aka years 7-12) living in this house and I still visit it at least twice a year.
There is one specific place on the estate that I really really love: the hammocks near the water to the back of the house. I spent a great deal of time there this past summer, as Ammie and Dani can attest, and the feeling I get there is the most peaceful, the most serene in the entire world. There really aren't any more words to describe the exact feeling I get while I'm there, nor the reason why I get this feeling there specifically. I went there after one of my lowest moments in my entire life, I sat there with my best friend in the entire world and we dreamt together, I figured out a lot about myself and who I am whilst swinging there.
And it's not just the hammocks, it's the actual house itself. In fact, it's the memories I have of the house. The house itself is really just a shell and if we were to sell it tomorrow I would weep only because the stone marking some of my best memories, some of the memories that still continue to shape me today, will be gone, swept away like sand in a windstorm. We, as a family, designed and helped to build this house together, it is truly ours, and the fact that something so full of memories is so attainable to me, and me alone, is something I could never hope for in a million years. 
I can only guess what T is doing with her word…but I do have to say that if "The Fault in Our Stars" does not come up, I will be so shocked that I might fall right out of my chair. I hope we can do these challenges more often because it was a lot of fun (although if she picks another word out of the X section of the Thesaurus, I may have to issue her a bigger challenge…such as Chicicomicomico maybe? Well, we'll see.)
[Update: I fell out of my chair in shock, but her writing was so damn good I felt so inadequate about this post so I added a bit to it]

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