March 15, 2014

Foodfest 2014: Lions in Candyland

This was a very highly requested post by my Chummy so here we go.

Every year our school holds an "International Food Festival" (or Foodfest) and the Junior class sets it all up to raise money for Prom for the Seniors (and themselves, but mostly for the Seniors). This year the theme was "Lions in Candyland". 

The day is wonderful and there is lots of food to choose from from each of the countries represented at our school. I had some of the best potato samosas from the Indian booth and some great chocolate chip cookies from the American booth, the lines were so long everywhere else and I knew we were going out to dinner afterwards anyway. 
(Tate, Kim, Me, and Celesty)

The real draw of Foodfest is the giant activities fair that takes place on the massive lawn/track/soccer and rugby fields behind the school. They have a giant bouncy house for those still young and limber enough, a mechanical bull, a dunk tank, face painting, hair spraying, and the "main attraction" (of my clan anyway): the Jail Booth. You pay five tickets and choose anyone present at the fair to be put in jail for 5-10 minutes.
(Chummy was thrilled to be hauled into jail)

It was the absolute best to see people struggle when the Juniors (in which they smartly chose the fastest and most attractive) rounded them up. When we put our friend Shiv in jail, the Junior actually had to carry her to jail and we about died laughing at her struggle. Then again, as Chummy pointed out, she actually wins because he's touching her so…
(Have the photo that makes my family think I'm T's lesbian lover *wink wink*)

After dark settles, the talent show starts and the fun only continues. My friends and I had a PHENOMENAL time dancing along to the little kids' rendition of "Kiss You" by One Direction in which we were joined by our great History teacher (who danced the Can Can with us later when the ballet girls actually did the Can Can). We all sit on the lawn and sing along (the Faculty band sang "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds, it nearly gave Tate and I heart attacks because we absolutely LOVE the Breakfast Club "It'll be ANARCHY" okay I'm done) with the songs, laugh at the cute magician who was actually really talented, and just generally have a blast.
(Tate and Me, Kim and Me, the back of Andy and My's heads)

We like to think of Foodfest as the Coachella of Brent. After the talent show, and after dark has truly fallen, the fireworks begin. This year the fireworks were absolutely incredible and T got some great shots! They had hearts and smiley faces and crackling willow trees and sparkly ones… (Hear our "Ooohs" and "Ahhh"s in the background?) 

After all the festivities of Foodfest 2014 were over, I took my car full of hitchhikers (aka Shiv, Kim, and Jonathan) and we went to CPK for dinner. Kim, my petite dynamo (love you Kim!), ate a GIANT turtle sundae for dinner as JonJon, Shiv, and I shared a Margherita pizza (<3) and then went to Dairy Queen. All in all it was a magical day that I adored spending with friends. 
(Kim and that ridiculous sundae that weighs more than she does)

Before we went to Foodfest, Kim and I did some shopping at Forever 21 near my house which is where we got the adorable flower crowns that made us feel so boho chic. 
To see more pictures and read more about Foodfest 2014, click over to my Chummy's blog here. I will leave you with a picture of my glorious sleeping self. XOXO

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