October 29, 2014


Halloween, being one of my favourite hall-idays, is a big deal. And, hoping to begin a new tradition that I've let dwindle these past few years, I hosted a party on Monday, as I will be at the beach on the spooky day itself.


Both photos can be found on Nikki's Instagram

I began the palooza surrounding the holiday with a three-night sleepover at my house with Nikki. We went shopping to complete our costumes, made treats for the night of, ate sushi, carved pumpkins, and watched old Disney movies like High School Musical 3 and Sky High. All in all it was a nice, relaxing three-day beginning to our time off school. 


I even decided to dress Aggi up this year, just to add another level to the excitement building up to the holiday. Mom thinks she looks like a turkey but she's wrong, Aggi is such a witch. And she loves it. (And looks so cute like oh my goodness look at her!!) 

Both photos can be found on Nikki's Instagram

While the decorations surrounding the pool at my apartment are more Christmas-geared than Halloween-geared, it added a lovely ambiance to the night.

Obviously thrilled about the hot popcorn sticking to my hands

We made popcorn treats with marshmallow, candy corn, and chocolate chips following this recipe. This was a very DIY-y Halloween, from carving pumpkins to use as serving bowls, making candy treats for my guests to take home, even my costume was sort of DIY. I mean, it wasn't exactly Lauren Conrad-level DIY, more "pick a dress you already have and get accessories to fix it up" but still, that's a lot for someone who is addicted to drooling over

Nikki during our makeup/hair-styling session before party time

My costume, drum roll please, was a Greek Goddess in the traditional gold style. I already had a white dress with gold accents due to my portrayal of a British Angel in a play creatively titled "Angels" a couple of years ago so all I needed were some accessories! 

Not a great quality photo, but my makeup was extensively gold and goddess-y, thanks due to this brilliant tutorial 

I curled my hair, paying actual attention to what I was doing with the curling iron for once, taking inspiration from this other tutorial

Final step: add the accessories! I loved my headpiece, the earrings were oozing elegance, and the rings/bracelets put it over the top! 

Moiself and Nikki, gorgeous as ever as Miley and Goddess, respectively 

Some of my guests' costumes were just as gorgeous: Kim was a pirate, Celesty was a sexy vampire, Nikki was Miley Cyrus in her Hannah Montana years! 

Shay, the classic anti-mainstream-yet-also-anti-hipster hipster and his non-costume

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You know you've invited the right people when this happens naturally

Naturally, I overcompensated on food and made a playlist about 3 hours too long but it was all worth it: the party was a hit! Another thing I love about my friends: I don't need to plan entertainment, they bring it all on their own! 


Kim, Celene, Moi, Celesty, Nikki (L-R)


Look at that beautiful sky!

Oh the troubles plaguing a goddess on her Mount Olympus

Nikki embracing the Miley in all of us on the tree

The night was light and breezy, the sun was beautiful setting peacefully in the sky, even the nearby construction didn't bother us!

I love that red lip she's got going on there....

I'll give you ten dollars if you can guess what is going on in this photo

Kim's latest hair

The breeze did nothing for my hair but I couldn't care less

The rings and bracelets I mentioned earlier (all accessories I found at Forever21 except for the headpiece which is from Claire's)

If you knew them, you'd know this is fitting of all their personalities <3

You ain't got nothing if you don't got friends (or grammar) 

(Not all of my guests are pictured, and only the "clean" photos were used: we never kiss and tell in this group!) 


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