October 3, 2014

September Outfits

(Brief explanation as this is the first post of its kind: because I go to a private school with a uniform, I can't exactly give you weekly outfit updates. So what I've done is collected all the outfits I wore on the weekends during the month of September into this one place. Hope you enjoy!)

9/5: Night Out with the Girls (aka Kim and Celene)

(Ignore the ill-placed brown spot, it was on the mirror not on me)

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shorts (xx)  grey tank (xx)   navy tank (xx)   beanie (xx)

In addition to our sleepover, we went and saw Seth MacFarlane's "A Million Ways to Die in the West". Funny movie, pretty inappropriate at times but really funny. Think Ted with actual people + the gorgeous Charlize Theron. I was wearing my high-waisted denim shorts from Forever 21, black tank top, my red beanie from TopShop, and scuffed zipper Converse. My bag was the Ganesh designed tote bag from A'postrophe (xx). 

I went for a heavier makeup look than I normally wear, the darker smoky eye with thicker eyeliner and the pop of red lips, because when in Rome....

This was Kim's outfit:

From the buzzed sides of her hair to the purple lips to her leather 'n lace crop top, when you're with Kim you go punk. 

9/6: Shopping with Celesty (Spirit Week)

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The next day, I went shopping with Celesty so we could find a matching outfit for "Matching Monday". For this little endeavor, I wore no makeup, my Nerd t-shirt, and black workout cropped sweats with black flip-flops. I carried the same Ganesh bag from the night before. 

9/13: Saturday Practice and College Shopping

                                            (xx)         (xx)           (xx)

That Saturday, I had Academic Bowl practice from 8 am to 3 pm at school (as if I don't spend enough time in that classroom already) so I got myself out of bed at 6:30 (practically unheard of on a Saturday) and went to school. It was okay though because there were also chess tournaments, volleyball matches, baseball games, choir rehearsals, and rehearsals for the middle school musical Grease. After Academic Bowl practice, I went to a hotel in Makati to visit the 20+ colleges touring around together.

I wore an oversized white t-shirt, high-waisted shorts from Forever 21, green flats with bows, and a blue ruffle cardigan. The earrings are also from Forever 21 (gradient hoops I believe).

9/14/14: Friend's Birthday Celebratory Lunch

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tights (xx) necklace (xx) boots (xx) shirt (xx) skirt (xx)

On this Sunday it was our friend Susan's birthday so we took her to Wildflour for her birthday. Wildflour is a gorgeous San Francisco-esque restaurant that serves breakfast all day, has the best passionfruit mimosas, and has freshly-baked pastries that are to die for! 

I wore my black tank top, black and white polka dotted skirt, patterned tights, wedge lace-up boots, and "Show Off" necklace. Unfortunately, except for the tights which I know are from Rustan's and the necklace which is from La Senza (oh and the boots that are from Forever 21), I do not recall where I got the rest of the outfit. As always, substitutes are above for you.

I did golden makeup because to wear an all-black outfit with a dark smokey eye should be reserved for occasions that call for the "hot DAMN" reaction and I haven't worn the golden eyeshadow in a while.

9/20/14: Nail Art With Mom

floral tank (xx)  color block tank (xx)  high rise shorts (xx)

Because of torrential rain and flooding, not only was school let out early on Friday in fear of the buses getting stuck, my swim meet on Saturday was also cancelled. Because of this, Mom and I decided to treat ourselves to a little mani/pedi together before a quick trip to the grocery store. The result? Dark violet nails that make me feel like an Evil Queen about to take over the universe.

I wore my Forever 21 Keyhole Back tank, Forever 21 high-waisted shorts, and blue flip-flops (not pictured) from Havaianas. The extra-long ponytail is achieved by tying two ponytails, one on top of the other, to give it more length. 

9/27/14: Friends' 20th Anniversary Concert

In honor of the legendary television show Friends' twentieth anniversary, a concert was held at SM BF ParaƱaque. My friend Nikki was lucky enough to be able to perform in the concert so on Saturday Kim, myself, Nikki, and the two twins all piled into Nikki's car and off we went! 

Hogwarts crop (xx)basic crop (xx)cross body bag (xx) overalls (xx)

Some of you may recognize my outfit from the Spirit Week post from a few weeks back, however I wore this again on Saturday with one change: I didn't wear an undershirt. While this is how the outfit was designed and some people may have worn it without a second thought, I considered this an actual 'fashion risk' for me simply because I've never worn a crop top before and was truthfully never comfortable enough in my body to wear one. I think wearing it with the overalls that cover the stomach and the back, just leaving the sides exposed, really helped me and it was actually a major confidence booster putting on the outfit for the first time, looking in the mirror and thinking "yeah, this looks really good." 

The crop top and the overalls are from Guess (less expensive options are in the collage, I surprised myself that I bought these actually), my custom zipper Converse (you can custom make your own Chuck Taylors here--or just browse the website xx), and my purple satchel was a gift from my grandparent's last trip to Italy. 

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