October 31, 2014

Subic Getaway

As I write this, I am sitting poolside in one of my many flowered dresses with one of my (again, many) swimsuits on underneath, a cold piƱa colada at hand. Bragging? Maybe, but I'm proud to say it's part of my "job" here on my blog.

Picture courtesy of Wild Orchid Beach Resort

I've been to Subic before, and wrote about it here, but this time we decided to try a different resort, one on the beach. The Wild Orchid Beach Resort is a beautiful beachfront resort that offers several bars, restaurants, and pools.

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Our first half-day/evening here was very nice, we relaxed by the pool, took naps, and enjoyed very tropical beverages before dinnertime where this little kitty adopted us as we fed her bits of shrimp. (Best dinner date I've had in a while) 

Mom and I both desperately needed to get away from the city for a while, her job definitely stresses her out sometimes and the IB program is no joke for me so we were both glad for this outing.

Normally our go-to place when we need a day or two away is in Batangas at the Coral Beach Club (shhh, don't tell anyone! It's my private oasis) but because were were going to be gone for four days, Mom chose Subic, a place we've been before and enjoyed thoroughly.

This time, unlike last time, we don't plan on swimming with dolphins or going on any outings--we are perfectly content to sit in a lounger or swim in the pool at our hotel. Sometimes you need to sit in the sun, slathered in SPF 30 flipping through magazines, just detoxing yourself from the stress of everyday life. 

(Did that last paragraph sound a little Eat Pray Love-y to you?)

The purpose of this post isn't to brag (okay maybe a little...) My point here is that everyone needs to take time off periodically, and it's okay to take time for yourself.

There are a lot of people who shame others for taking vacations and I'm here to say that no, it's not wrong to take time for yourself to reconnect and destress. Time alone is important, it gives you time to think. And, in my case, this vacation away with Mom gives us time to bond (although truthfully we're pretty bonded already) and detox.

I'm also here to point out that when you need time alone during the stress of everyday life, you don't always need to drive four, five hours away or hop on a plane. You could go and stay in a local (or semi-local) hotel, you could take a spa day, go to a local beach, stay at a friends' house. There are many different ways to personalize your 'you' time. (Getting very Julia Roberts EPL-y) The important thing is that you have 'you' time.

Writing this poolside, as always, stay beautiful butterflies


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