December 24, 2014

Favorite Holiday Movies

Favorite Holiday Movies

Home Alone
A complete classic, this movie has perfect comedic (and holiday) timing--a lot of heart and a lot of funnies is found throughout.

Love Actually
A movie I actually just experienced on the plane ride here to the States, there's a definite reason this is a classic and is the perfect Christmas romcom without being overly cheesy.

A Diva's Christmas Carol
Another TV-movie classic Dickens' novel this is not; I've always liked this movie and Vanessa William's portrayal of Diva Scrooge

A Christmas Carol
Along with the Diva version above, the classic version is just as yummy and works perfectly with the tradition of curling up with the actual Dickens' book in front of a roaring fire

The Nightmare Before Christmas
An animated Tim Burton fiesta, this is a classic (especially for my brother) and deserves to be: don't pass up an opportunity to catch this one

A Will Ferrel comedy, Will is goofy as Buddy the Elf, a confused human masquerading as one of Santa's elves and pulls off a funny, and heartwarming, holiday performance 

The Santa Clause
A movie I first experienced with my grandmother when I was little, this is truly time well spent--watching Tim Allen denying he's the new Santa Clause

Honorable Mentions

A Christmas Story
"You're going to shoot your eye out!" You could make a drinking game out of this movie and for that, it earns its spot on this list

The Polar Express
Wonderfully animated, this movie reaffirms your belief in Santa Clause as it reaffirms the main characters' (who is nameless)

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