December 18, 2014

My Library: How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

The book that had 1000 WASPs gasping behind closed doors. 

As my (some call it interest, some say obsession) with Paris continues, I stumbled across this book and decided it was worth a read.

Parisian women are truly the quintessential icons of all things fashion, food, and sex and this book will further your understanding of the Parisian woman's mind, while still leaving you with questions I feel will never truly be understood unless you are, in fact, Parisian. 

Audrey, Caroline, Sophie, Anne

The four friends that wrote this book (not only stylish and completely gorgeous) are powerhouses of their respective industries, women I would feel proud if my children, friends, sisters, mother etc. looked up to and women I honestly feel proud of looking up to myself.

Audrey is a script writer and editor of the magazine Stylist--currently directing her first feature film. Caroline studied literature at school before becoming a model and is now an ambassador for Chanel. Sophie began her own film company and works as a producer. Anne is an author as well, writing a famed biography of Francoise Sagan (another kick ass woman), as well as writing for theater, television, and cinema. The official book website is here.
Two of my favorite quotes in the book: the first and the last

Punctuated with Tumblr-worthy photographs to accompany the familiar writing, this book blurs the line between a parody and actual advice. Inside its pages you'll find recipes, anecdotes about life, fashion, and DIY home decor. Just to name a few. More of a guide than an instruction manual, this book will definitely leave an impression.

This book is a rarity in that it will have you laughing one page and questioning the methods and values with which you live your life on the next. And then it will make you laugh again.

Like curling up with a delightfully frank old friend, this book's self-reproaching, not-giving-a-damn (while-still-secretly-giving-a-damn) attitude is refreshing, humorous, surprisingly touching, and, most of all, very Parisian. Eh bien, c'est le point non? 


  1. Hm, I'll definitely have to pick up this book. As I am most likely moving to Paris next year I am very interested!

    1. It's a great book to really start capturing the essence of Parisians. I'm sure you'll enjoy Paris, j'adore Paris myself. <3