December 7, 2014


You may have noticed a few changes to my blog lately, specifically to my pages. I've added two new ones: My Recipe Box and MyTunes.

My Recipe Box
Food has always been an integral part of my life, my family's unspoken motto being: there is no better way to share love than with food.
Esther and Lucy last Christmas

Naturally I don't spend my days reminiscing about the food we ate/prepared, I relive the wonderful memories! Thinking about what made us laugh all together (a most beautiful sound), what made my grandmother go "tsk tsk" in her mock-disapproving way, what made my aunt spill her wine glass on the dog she was laughing so hard.

And that's really what the food-symbolizing-love part is all about to me: the love of a family (and the love of good food). 
Last Christmas Dinner

I'll be sharing some old time family recipes, as well as some recipes that we've tried passed on from one family to our through the magic of so keep your eye out for yummy posts coming your way! 


Music is a gift that deserves to be shared and, being the person that makes a playlist for literally every occasion (even the ones that haven't happened yet) I thought I'd share the magic with you through a playlist page.

As always please comment your thoughts below on the new pages, on any individual recipes, or on the playlists I post. Hope you enjoy the new pages! 


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