December 12, 2014

Oh Fudge

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Something that is rapidly becoming a new family tradition (at least for Mom and myself) is making fudge during the holidays to include in my teacher gifts as well as a little extra for ourselves to nibble on. 

The process of making fudge is not terribly easy in our small kitchen here in the apartment, in fact it's a process that (like the most of our cooking) spills out into the dining room and, eventually, onto the floor. 

To date, we have made three different batches of fudge, one peanut butter that Mom can enjoy (her allergy to chocolate is truly heartbreaking to someone who can't stuff enough of it in), one chocolate and orange that has rapidly become my favorite, and one Oreo cookie fudge. 

While not exactly the most labor-intensive recipe my mother and I have ever cooked, wait until you see our family's lasagna recipe, we had to improvise along the way, making our own powdered sugar because we ran out etc. While the whole process stressed Mom out, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Looks as yummy, and as nerve-wracking, as it was. 
You'd think we never feed this dog, the way she carries on when we're cooking

Unfortunately the chocolate and orange fudge has not set properly so I get an entire tin of fudge to myself! Oof the scale is going to pay for this.

The packaging of my teachers' gifts

Do you have any new or unspoken holiday traditions that you and your family like to partake in? Drop a comment below!


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