January 25, 2015

Tips and Tricks: Workouts

  1. Have a specific-length playlist    When working out don't keep track of the time. Instead make a playlist around the time you know you want to run for and get into the routine of keeping the time with that. For me, I have a playlist of four songs that together make one interval for me, I rest after the playlist plays once and then run again for the four songs. Try to pick songs you know will pump you up.
  2. Bring a sweat towel and your own mat    A towel comes in handy when you have sweat pouring down your face and don't want to look like you just took a hot shower--it also can be used to wipe off the equipment after you use it (and please do this--nobody wants to be in the uncomfortable sweat-on-sweat position during their workout) Bring your own mat because 1) you know you're the only one who has ever used it and 2) do you really trust everyone that use the gym mats (usually not very comfortable mats either) to have wiped them down after stretching, doing yoga, doing whatever on them? 
  3. Find shoes that are comfortable and clothes that are cute   You really want to be comfortable when you're working out so make sure your exercise shoes are supportive and comfy, style should be the last thing when you invest in a quality pair (if you can, have two pairs each for different purposes: I have one that are great for gym workouts and another, lighter shoe for walking around and touring when I travel) Although your shoes should be supportive and comfy first, we already know workout clothes are like that already so go ahead and find clothes that make you want to work out, and look cute as hell doing it
  4. If you go running in a park or on a path: STAY SAFE    Stay on the path, run with a partner, tell someone where you're going running, and run when it's light out
  5. If you feel a motivational flag, try this little trick: put on your workout clothes BEFORE you decide whether or not to workout that day, believe me it helps 
  6. Tell a friend/coworker/family member you're going to workout     it will help keep you accountable and force you to actually do it!
  7. Try to make a basic plan before you go     If you say "okay today I'm going to start on the treadmill then I'm going to work on abs and use these exercises" before you even walk in the gym your workout will flow a lot smoother than if you stumble around trying to find something to work on when you're already there
  8. Stop when you need to, not when you want to   And not when you told yourself you were going to. If you're running intervals and you say "seven minutes" but you feel really strong once you reach seven minutes, keep going! Make it eight, nine, even ten minute intervals--you'll feel really powerful! 
  9. Use guilt for motivation if you want to, but know that it's not accurate     A lot of people say "I'm going to the gym to work off that huge piece of cake I had yesterday" when really--you ate the cake, the calories are already digested, it's done and finished. Working out certainly burns calories, but it won't help alleviate the specific food you're targeting--in this case cake. So.....enjoy the cake! Enjoy your life and eat yummy food and the next day work your ass off knowing the food was yummy but you also crave the sweaty feeling after a hard workout
  10. Find your time of day    For me, I like to run and do my workout around 5:30, 6-ish because that's when the sun sets and I like to watch that out the window. I've developed a little routine around that time now. Find the time you like to workout and schedule it in, either early morning before your day starts, during your afternoon to help power through the rest of the day, or at night to close your day with energy and sweat.

Just some tricks to make your next workout run a little smoother. Do you have any tips that work for you? Drop a comment below! 


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