January 16, 2015


Since our move to the Fort, Mom and I have stumbled across several wonderful restaurants within walking distance of our apartment. One of the very first places we discovered was Wildflour: a gorgeous bakery/gourmet comfort food restaurant a simple skip down the street from our building.
Check out Clarisse's blog post about Wildflour (including these gorgeous photos) here xx

The cafe is a gorgeous pairing of an all-glass modern exterior and French Country fittings: jars on the table with the silverware, homestyle dishes, gorgeous pastries fit for any Angeline in Paris!
Mom and I headed for our favorite place the Sunday we arrived back from the States. We met friends Susan and John there (for a second time, this is one of their favorite places too), who brought their dog Millie as a little playmate for Aggi. 
Perfect addition to any day: a passion fruit mimosa
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, especially after several weeks of snow, slush, and -14C degree temperatures. I wore a new loose pink knit tunic sweater and my high-waist jean shorts, a little celebration of being back home with a little remembrance of the cold weather I just came from.
Their little cutie pie....

....and mine <3

Usually I order the soup/salad/sandwich combination, tomato soup, green salad, and grilled cheese. There's just something particularly special about the grilled cheese at Wildflour--it tastes better than homemade! However, this time I decided to try something new and order the tuna salad sandwich. It was just as yummy as the grilled cheese but the olive oil the sandwich is cooked in leaves an oily residue all over your fingers. Still really delicious though! 
Just as yummy as it was gorgeous

Susan went for the green mussels and fries....

Mom had a pulled pork sandwich (and was kind enough to split her yummy fries with me)....

John had about two loaves of bread, tomato soup, and strawberry pie

The pastries at Wildflour are probably their biggest claim to fame. My favorite (and Mom's as well) is their apple tart: flaky crust with apple compote in the middle and sliced sugared apple slices on top. I ate one apple tart there and we brought two home others to eat later (they didn't last long). They switch out most of their pastries, so there's always something fresh to try, but this apple tart is always there and for that I'm eternally grateful.  
She's so cute I can't deal with it sometimes
The strawberry pie
What was left of our table after we devoured everything (and fed what we didn't to the mooching pooches)

If you ever find yourself in the Fort, check out Wildflour (xx) for any meal but especially brunch. And don't forget to pick up some pastries for the road! 

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