February 21, 2015


(I'd like to apologize for the quality of my pictures in advance, they're all iPod photos)

Mom and I are currently shopping for restaurants to host my graduation dinner next year and last night we checked out one of the places on our list: Caviar. 
The name says it all: Caviar. This restaurant/Champagne bar exudes elegance, class, and great food. They have a 5-course set menu as well as an à la carte menu, an extensive wine list, and bien sûr fresh caviar ripe for the picking.

Before we actually sat down for dinner, Mom and I enjoyed a nice flute of French champagne in the lounge area, something I highly recommend. It sets a nice tone for the rest of the evening. 

The bar overlooks the lounge area
We were lucky enough to sit in a booth table with a rounded bench, it offers lots of privacy and a great view of the whole restaurant
The people at Caviar are so accommodating, they made a personalized 5-course meal just for me and my pescetarianism, let them know and I'm sure they'd do the same for you! (It may also help that it was my birthday....)
Our server was even kind enough to create a wine flight to accompany our meals on the spot--the people here are truly committed to making sure you have the best experience. Now enough of my talking, onto the food! 
Before the set meal even begins, an amuse-bouche is served: fresh oysters from France! 
You also have the option to order another little pre-meal amuse through their caviar--though beware, their beluga caviar is 28000 pesos and they don't even tell you the price of their extra-special white caviar (I suggest taking a sedative before you google it)--Mom and I ordered a less expensive French caviar but the Chef was so unbelievably nice, he switched out our nondescript French caviar for Beluga with no extra charge!
You really must try their caviar at least once

After the delicious caviar, we were totally ready for our first courses:

My first course: a mushroom ragout in a truffle sauce with puff pastry on a bed of the yummiest spinach I've ever had--I literally could just have eaten this dish all night it was so delicious! 
Mom's set meal first course: one shrimp cocktail with a guacamole sauce and some herring caviar on the side

Bringing back gorgeous memories of Jules Verne's set-course menu, this meal is truly one of the best I've ever had.

Soup was next!

Mom's potato leek soup, one of my all-time favorites, and it was really really creamy and yummy
My soup: a specially-made creation by the Chef: crème de lentilles--I liked this a lot because it's so different from everything else--a very unique taste that had me nearly licking the last droplets from the bowl

Salads! But not just any salads....
My very own salad concoction of grilled watermelon, mixed greens, caramelized pecans, feta cheese, with a guacamole herb dressing--a fresh combination that I'd never thought of before
Mom's salad of cubed watermelon with guacamole and feta cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Mom's favorite course definitely wasn't the salad, although I loved mine! After the salads came the little inter-mezzo sorbet to cleanse the palate before our main courses. 
Calamansi-mint sorbet

After our little palate cleanser, we were beyond ready to experience the magic that was our main course. 
My gorgeous, delectable, complete yum-fest of a main course: cod grilled to perfection on a bed of more spinach with a tomato marinara topping. All together it was like the Met Gala of taste in my mouth--too refined to be a party but still so good

Mom had pork for a main course and she was nearly drooling after the plate was taken away from her--I can't vouch for it because you know I didn't try it but I think she rather enjoyed her fourth course

Finally it was time for our fifth and final courses: dessert!
I was a little too preoccupied with my own dessert to photograph Mom's--I had a gorgeous creme brulee, the perfect end to the perfect meal, and Mom had a cheese plate 

The meal was absolute perfection, the staff pays close attention to your every need, they're so skilled in what they're serving you and how to attend to even the most demanding of diners--all in all it was nearly a perfect evening. 
I relish every infrequent opportunity I have to dress up so I took the chance and ran with it, donning one of my favorites: this blue dress with an open back thanks to the lace sleeves, very flattering to someone with linebacker shoulders, and my grey booties that I would literally wear every day if I could. 

If you're looking for a place to have a gorgeous (albeit the complete OPPOSITE of cheap), delicious dinner look no further: Caviar in Alabang is the place for you. (I also hear they serve a mean brunch on Sundays) Their website is here, you can find menus, make reservation, even catering options are available for you. 

Prepare your palate for an evening of decadence, your liver for a night of bubbly and wines, and your checkbook for the price of all this luxury. Trust me, it's worth it. 


(Thanks to Caviar for welcoming Mom and me, and their attentive staff including their head chef who created a menu just for me and the server that helped us all evening who created a wine accompaniment just for Mom)

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