February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I began my week with a colorful trip to the flower stalls outside Market Market --fresh flowers brighten up every room

This year my Valentine's plans and my birthday plans coincided and it was such a success that I think I'll combine the two for a while. Normally Valentine's Day is presented as a day of extremes: either extremely lovey-dovey or extremely depressing. There's never an in-between. So this year I decide to make Valentine's Day about a different kind of love: the platonic, all-consuming love of friendship. After all, you can live without a boyfriend or a girlfriend (I've done it for 17 years now!) but you can't live life without friends.
Find this photo on Instagram--it's not a birthday without a birthday selfie!

My bestie's birthday message--she truly is the best

To celebrate both Saint Valentine's day and my own, I decided a little out-to-dinner trip would be in order. We didn't want to go anywhere too stuffy or someplace liable to be cramped on Love's day so where did we go? The international house of pancakes, of course. 
The constant center of attention
High Street was absolute madness--unfortunately all my photos turned out blurry!
Celesty, Celene, Nikki, Shay, John & Lena, and Ropil all attended our little fiesta at IHOP. There's never a dull moment with this group. 
Celesty, Ropil, Nikki, Shay, Celene (L-R)
A lot of my crüe crew had never been to IHOP before!
I wore my Essie Luxe sparkle polish with no base coat color--harder to tell when it's chipped and more of a shine
My favorite Polaroid of all
We settled on IHOP after years of me pining for their lovely pancakes (seriously I don't know why I love IHOP so much, I just do) and a decision that the place should be casual and friendly to a group of 8 teenagers laughing and making unhealthy amounts of noise. Besides, where else can you pancakes at 8:30 at night? 
Good enough to scarf down--Celesty's New York Cheesecake Pancakes
Shay's Cinnastack Pancakes
And my very own chocolate chip (a classic)
A happy birthday girl

While it's true, IHOP is better on US soil, if you're looking for somewhere casual that can get you all hopped up on sugar where you can laugh loudly without fear of retribution--try IHOP. After our meal we took a stroll down High Street before dashing home through the rain. (We also popped in a few stores to examine their Valentine's Day can imagine how the boys felt in these lace 'n leather shops)
The cake was huge and totes yummy, thanks Aggy's Cakes! (We've always used them for my birthday cakes--still wondering where Aggi gets her name?) 
Happy Seventeenth to Me!

Even though I like to think I don't mind a single girls' Valentine's Day, it's always a little disheartening to see happy couples showing off how in love they are everywhere you turn. You may start to think you'll never have what they have but really--they don't have what you think they have either. They have problems that maybe aren't seen on a day full of candy, balloons, cards, and hearts. Valentine's Day has become very commercial and (not to get too soapbox-y) honestly it should be a day to celebrate love--all kinds of love, not just the romantic kind. 

Next time you're feeling a bit down because you're without your "other half" (and don't feel pressure to find someone either, being single offers a lot and I don't think you can grow as a person if you're always with someone)--call your friends around and celebrate the love you have for them. Trust me, it'll be the best day you've had in a while. 

What were your Valentine's Day plans? 


Happy V-Day from me and my crew to you and yours!

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