March 8, 2015

A Trip to the State Fair

This year's International Food Fest (remember this post from last year's festival?) was a different experience for all the Juniors. The Juniors are the ones that work the entire festival--we help set up, work the food booths, the game booths, sell drinks and raffle tickets, and eventually clean up. Our wonderful student council, along with the Prom Committee, organizes the entire event and run around the most all day trying to fix the little kinks and hitches.

Unfortunately the only photos I have to include in this post are ones we took in-between working so....they're mostly selfies. Apologies aside, here we go! 
Me and Nami
Celene and Me

This year our theme was 'State Fair' and it was absolutely incredible. It was a gorgeous day with wonderful breezes that kept us cool while we were running around all day. We had beautifully designed booths in the atrium and in the cafeteria with all the game booths and the giant stage out back on the field. Among the food booths we had Austria, Brazil, Turkey (the most popular booth), USA, Australia and New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and bien sûr Philippines. The span of game booths included bull riding, tattoos, a giant slide, a Frozen-themed bouncy castle, fishing, basketball, and soccer. 

Celene and I were in charge of helping the parents behind the 'Austria' booth, serving up their delicious homemade apfelstrudel. Celesty was in charge of the bull riding booth out on the field in the hot sun with swarms of kids so we ran back and forth to help her out, passing of course by the India booth to munch on their delicious samosas. 
My booth mate buddy for the day, Celene
Tina, Celene, and the beautiful Ro Pil in Frozen wonderland

Our day was long and sweat-filled. We ran around trying to make sure we earned enough money to give our Seniors (and, indeed, ourselves) a fantastic prom as well as make sure all of our 2,500+ guests had a great time. It was like a huge party that we were in charge of. Pretty scary when you're only a batch of 96 people. 

Our day went well and the Head of Activities even commented at the end of it that this was the "easiest, most convenient and least stressful" FoodFest she has ever worked. Our clean up after the show (that was absolutely dripping with talent from tiny dancers to grown-up English teachers strumming out Bob Marley songs) took eight minutes flat, a record time for clean up after a FoodFest. Woo, that's one for the yearbooks. 
Our little display in Austria
Just look at this gorgeous day!
Most of the countries were fanned along this perimeter, with Mexico, France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China inside the cafeteria--Japan definitely won best display with their lit-up cherry blossom trees and full suit of ancient Japanese armor, not to mention their wooden boats of sushi and helpers wearing traditional kimonos

All-in-all, even though I didn't get to sit back and relax during this FoodFest (my second-to-last ever as a Brent student! #crying), I had an amazing time and, as promised, it was truly a batch bonding event--all of us working together, albeit it separately in form, but for a common goal.

It was a magical night, even more magical than the sparkle of the fireworks.

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