March 14, 2015

Les Fleurs

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love fresh flowers! I also love arranging my own flower bouquets for home as well, when I have the opportunity. Today I walked with Aggi down to the flower stalls in front of Market! Market! and got the opportunity to arrange my own bouquet! 
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Since Mom's out of town, I could get lilies in this beautiful pink shade. I also got some white roses, light pink flowers (hydrangeas?), and some orange flowers that contrast nicely with the rest of the bunch. 
Gorgeous flowers!

All the flowers came separately and were all long-stemmed. To arrange them all in one vase required a lot of trimming of leaves, stems, and some careful rearranging once they were all together. 
Famous flower arrangers (Martha Stewart, among her other talents) say the best arrangements are made by going one strand at a time. As in, stick one flower in the vase and then the next etc. I do the opposite, I stick all the flowers in and then switch them around.

I had a lot of extra blooms after arranging this first bouquet, so I decided to make other smaller arrangements to place throughout the apartment--a bright reminder of spring around every corner! 
Mom comes home late late tomorrow night so I decided to leave a little surprise for her on her night lilies! 
A lovely lily and white rose bouquet in a glass on my desk....really brightens up doing homework! 
And the same arrangement for my own room!

In a pinch, a champagne flute makes a perfect small vase, just trim the stems way down and, if you have to, you can use a rubber band to keep the bouquet together. 

And now....I'm going to teach you my little trick for keeping flowers fresh much longer. 
Vodka! Adding a tablespoon of vodka to the water can keep a bouquet fresh for at least 3 days past normal time. Every time you change the water in the big vase add 1 tablespoon of vodka. I also suggest adding vodka directly to the champagne flutes when they go in the bedrooms because you probably won't change the water as much and will need the extra boost. 


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