March 17, 2015

One Hundredth Post!

This whole post is full of #tbt-worthy photos....starting with the oldest of them all! This is Dad and Me a looong time ago.

Oh my gosh....I feel so old! Happy One Hundredth everybody! It definitely doesn't feel like I've been blogging long enough to have this be my 100th post already!
This blog started as a place for me to literally document my transformation into a social butterfly. I thought losing weight would get me there. It's a cliché but terribly true: how naïve was I? Forgive my 14-year old innocence. (15? 14 or 15) Something I've learned along this journey is that a 'social butterfly' is relative--and losing weight for anyone other than yourself is a waste of time, effort, and really good chocolate cake! 
Dani, Corinne, Joel, Maitri, Moi, Amrita, Sejal, Daniel, Mariya

This photo was taken at my birthday/welcome-home party after I first moved to Manila and then went back to the States for the summer. The very beginning of my journey here, really. It's so funny how much things have changed since this photo. It's sad to think about but I only really talk to 2 or 3 of these people regularly.
Myself, Shiv, Jonathan (aka THC/JonJon)

Prominently featured in my first post (not my very first, but I saved you the trouble of reading that !-ridden, body conscious, CAPS fest by taking that post, amongst others, down) Shiv and Jonathan were big parts of my life there for a while. Shiv moved to Brazil recently and though Jonathan is still here we've moved in different directions and rarely, if ever, talk.

It's interesting to think about how the people you used to surround yourself with on a daily basis, you needed these people, now are just faces in old photographs. And that's okay--there can be no growth without this, even if it's sad and not totally accepted at first.
Mom, Myself, and Gina the harmonica-playing elephant in Bali

Our journey over here has not been without its challenges, duh, but it's overflowing with one-of-a-kind experiences. The ability to travel and see this part of the world is a luxury I know a lot of teens my age don't get. Sharing my life on this blog has only made my experiences greater and richer. I've absolutely adored being able to share my thoughts about life and being a teenager in today's world with you. I'm in love with this blog, I really am. It's my baby, my husband, my full-time job (you know, when I'm not in school)....this blog means a hell of a lot to me. So do you, dear reader. I hope you know that.

I've been here since

The Chummy Years! (Shoutout to Tate if you're reading....I miss you!) She brought Lush back into my life

You were here for....
Pink hair! (stay tuned for more to that effect later on this year)

You may or may not know my brother....butterflies, meet Dalton and this really terrible photo from two 4th of Julys-ago

I've been through a lot since starting this blog, a lot of which I've posted about here. You have been so receptive and encouraging, I just wish I could hug all of you! 
Dani, Me, Amrita starring in one of my favorite pics from the absolute best part of that summer <3 
Dad and I a summer or two ago
La bestie and moi in NYC last summer (oh my heart aches...I miss it!)

Throughout all the changes we experience as teenagers, some constants remain the same (I mean....they're dynamic so they change as you do but they still get it). My family, for instance. It grew a little bigger recently but otherwise nothing too major has changed. Amrita, the best best friend there is, is changing just as I am and our friendship reflects that. I've certainly changed since my very first blog post on this blog--for the better I hope! Still these are dynamic constants and I'm just as grateful, if not more so, for them as for the changes.

Whew! We've made it a long way in 100 posts. There've been countless hours spent making these memories (not to mention the actual blog posts), gallons of tears, billions of smiles. And we've ended up here. It's honestly a great place to be. 

How much has your life changed in the past 2 years? Have you been here since the very first post? Let me know! Stay perpetually changing and constantly flawless butterflies. 

It me

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