April 3, 2015

How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

As Mom and I are headed to Thailand for spring break tomorrow I figured I'd let you in on some of my tricks and tips for packing for a tropical vacation! Also, I couldn't think of a better time to highlight some of my favorite wardrobe pieces....I know I gave up wardrobe posts a long time ago but I may just have to compile one or two from our Thailand trip. 
When heading somewhere 'tropical' or 'beachy', I try to stay away from a lot of black clothing....vibrant colors fit my mood a lot better on the beach than dark ones and you'll sweat less, believe me
Lay out everything you want to pack first before you start to pack any of it. Begin to think about when you'll wear it, what you'll wear it with, and if it's appropriate for the climate you're heading to. Make sure you're packing things you really will wear, and find out if you'll have laundry services available because that can cut down on items if you are willing to re-wear. 
If your trip has multiple destinations....try to pack chronologically. For our trip to Thailand we're spending a day or two in Bangkok at the beginning before heading to Krabi for a week or so. All of my Krabi beach clothes were the first things I packed because I won't need them while I'm in Bangkok and I'm not going to be there long enough to make unpacking my entire suitcase worthwhile. It makes things much simpler.
All my long, flow-y dresses are packed together because they take up more space than the shirts that can simply be folded and squished to make room.
Lay out the clothes you want to wear on your day-in-transit. Ideally these clothes should fit the destination's climate but if you're migrating from cold to warm, or vice versa, you'll have to plan accordingly with jackets, sweaters, and maybe a change of shoes. Speaking of shoes, wear the bulkiest ones that will take up a lot of room on the plane/in the car so you don't have to take up room in your suitcase with them.
Remember to pack your essentials: underwear, pajamas, shoes, socks, toiletries, a hair brush, perfume, a laundry bag. (Also for the underwear: always over-pack on underwear. It's much better to have extra underwear left over after the trip than to run out of clean ones in the middle of it.) 
If you're taking another bag other than your carry-on, gently stuffing it with your underwear can help it retain its shape, and saves space! I hate arriving anywhere with squished bags and this is an easy way to solve the problem. (Just don't over-stuff)
All your clothes should be the first things to be packed, then you can put in your shoes, bags, accessories, toiletries etc. 
When packing accessories I always ask myself: "does this feel insert your own destination here-y?" If you don't have a jewelry case for traveling, Ziplock bags always work. Also, try to avoid over-packing accessories, especially for a tropical vacation, you'll be wearing bathing suits more than you'll be wearing those earrings. Trust me.
Bathing suits always go in my bag close to last, along with the shoes, because they're flexible and easy to stuff in corners. 
A few of my absolute favorite pieces that I'm taking on this trip...
One of my all-time faves from WetSeal (it has elephants on it!!)
Picked up on the family camping trip to Charleston, SC
Found at a local beach shack on the Outer Banks
One of the two twin suits I picked up in Bali 

I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as too many bathing suits (which is probably why I have an entire drawer dedicated to my collection of 10+) and so I'm bringing 5 on this week-long trip. Too many? See above belief. 
The gorgeous white coverup comes from a store, the gorgeous green was handmade in Subic
A gorgeous long, halter knotted dress from Bali

I love picking up locally-made dresses whenever we travel, it's a perfect, unique souvenir 
One of my favorites from Forever21--since I've gotten more into crop tops lately this one has become a staple of my weekend wardrobe (find it here xx)
Rompers are perfect for a beach/tropical getaway and this one has elephants on it! (You all know how much j'adore elephants!)

All together.....I probably still packed way too much but I'd rather be over-packed than missing something that I left out. I'm really really excited to be heading back to Thailand tomorrow and will, hopefully, be updating with exciting adventures really soon! 

Do you have any packing tips? Are you heading on a tropical vacay or spring breakation soon? Leave a comment! <3 

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