April 6, 2015

Thailand 2015: Days Two and Three--Nakamanda Resort

Krabi, Thailand is a gorgeous beach town, deserving of a place among the quintessential tropical island beach towns. They shot a James Bond movie a couple islands away from here! Mom and I are staying in the beautiful Nakamanda Resort & Spa here and, let me tell you, this place has blown us away!

The villas are all located scattered down a huge hill, connected by long winding staircases. Fountains, lanterns, and nature's beauty abound on these stairs and indeed, all throughout the resort.
Hard at work already!
Unintentional eyes closed....oh well
I wore the pants Mom and I bought at the market to travel on Sunday, they're so comfortable and lots of fun! (Plus...elephants!)

Each villa comes with its own balcony complete with gauzy curtains, comfortable loungers, and a table. Some villas even have personal pools in addition to the huge pool at the resort (and the beach!)
Sliding glass doors only add to the ambience of the rooms
The insides of the room are just as gorgeous and comfortable as the outside with light simply flooding in (and two separate beds, good for me and mom although I'm sure you have the option of one bed if you're a couple or really cuddly). Fresh fruit is placed in your room daily, and who doesn't want to wake up to the sound of birds tweeting happily? Turndown service is also offered with a little swan, flowers, and a happy note left on your pillow not to mention a lit slightly scented candle in the corner. 
And behind the ornately carved sliding wooden doors....
An absolutely massive bathroom with his-'n-hers vanities, a huge soaking tub (big enough for two *wink wink at the lovebirds*), and steam shower.
My lovely traveling companion enjoying the balcony (after I forced her out of the room to take these photos)

Of course, our room isn't the only fabulous part of this resort. The spa, which I have yet to take photos of, is absolutely phenomenal! Mom and I had our first treatments here yesterday, she had the Coconut Rejuvenation Massage and I had a Soft Cinnamon Body Scrub. #Heavenly
The entire resort has a Zen-like calming effect on feel relaxed simply walking around 
This little local place offered us the best food since we've been in Krabi, really really tasty dishes (and bonus was decorated with that cute lil' elephant statue up there!)
Mom and I have done our fair share of exploring the restaurants surrounding our resort, trying to get a feel for local flavor, and we have had some incredible meals here!
Mom's papaya salad (she's had three in two days)
My pineapple fried rice with shrimp (I was disappointed it didn't come in an actual pineapple the way I pictured it)
Mom's noodle something or other....I was a little preoccupied with my own food
Homemade brownie that the restaurant seemed especially proud was yummy!

This was our dinner Sunday night at the Gut & Get--we were the only two people in there except for another couple that wandered in a little while after us but the food was really good and we cleared our plates. Bonus! Both of these places (G&G and Bai Tong) were just steps up the street from the resort.

Locally-owned long boats "parked" for the night on the sand 
Criminy it's cricket!
The beach of our resort is really incredible in that, not only does it offer some amazing sunsets, but at low tide the water recedes enough that you can literally walk across to the island opposite ours! A family was playing cricket on the sand as the sun went down because of low tide. The boats that sit stagnantly on the sand? Yeah...they float and paddle around during high tide!
The restaurant of our resort
The sunsets here are absolutely gorgeous and there is no better place to sit and watch one then at the beachfront bar where Mom and I sat for a while before dinner on Sunday night. 
This is high tide on that same beach! It's incredible how different it is to have an actual ocean out back instead of the smooth sand of low tide.
Crystal-clear ocean water, the best kind of course 
It has been an absolutely incredible day and a half here at the Nakamanda resort and spa....I'm so relaxed it's incredible. The staff here are so welcoming and friendly, they help you with every concern you might have and do it all with a huge smile on their face. I can't recommend this place enough, if you're coming to Krabi look no further than the Nakamanda Resort and Spa! There are so many great locally owned restaurants nearby, souvenir shops, and plenty of excursions you can partake in. I can't wait to see what the rest of our trip will bring! (including Mom's birthday on Tuesday, a temple hike, boat rental, kayaks maybe? Definitely more spa and beach! Oh, and food!)


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