October 8, 2015

The Songs Every Autumn-Lover Needs To Have On Their Playlist

Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran 
Of course, this is basically the quintessential fall song. As the weather changes so are we prone to change and Ed's soulful vocals really lull this melody into your mind, helping to ease the transition--the perfect 'walk through an autumn scene' song.

Feeling Good by Nina Simone
This song has undergone a re-surge of popularity lately (originally released on her album in 1965) and I am all for it! Completely different from Ed's song above, this record screams of swagger and owning every moment, perfect for chilly early mornings and first struts out in your favorite autumn outfits.

Colors by Halsey
And my love of everything Halsey continues with this song. The perfect song for the most colorful season, Colors really capture the feeling of renewal for me. Halsey's passionate singing, like she's biting into each of her lyrics, really conveys the sense of loss and how loss is sometimes necessary and is okay. We will be okay. Perfect for bike rides under colorful trees.

Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift
I'll go ahead and jump on T-Swizzle's bandwagon for a minute. This half-rock, half-ballad about confusing love seems perfect for the season that sees people voluntarily riding into the woods on hayrides--also for people struggling with the heavier emotions that can come up during this season. The perfect 'enjoy the moment' song.

Half of my Heart by John Mayer
An oldie, released in 2009, but this song has always captured the almost melancholy way fall can have us feeling--yet we love it. I do, I adore this season and I still admit there's a raw, open quality that comes with the return to the cold. Painful? Sometimes. Lovely? Always. Listen to this one on a bus--window seat required.

The Backpack Song by Bear Attack
Another non-recent favorite, this song is a melancholy-but-hopeful tune....something you could imagine being on a John Green movie soundtrack. Still perfect for a long bus ride, also suitable background music for quiet contemplation, work, or reading.

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
This song is, at first anyway, very New Orleans swing-band-y (the tune never fails to make me start dancing) however the lyrics and conversational style of the duet sobers it a bit (only a bit). You can dance and cry to this song, something that makes it very unique. For those days you explore old houses in the middle of nowhere (as we all do in October yes?). Alternatively when you're cooking dinner and want to dance around.

(You'll notice most of my music is not recent--it takes time for me to develop a true love for the songs I put in these playlists so recent songs you won't really find here but you will find songs I really love and hope you will too!)

What are your favorite fall songs?

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