January 5, 2016

Rewind: 2015

Happy 2016 everyone! I like to look back over the past year during this time, as everyone does, so here we go!

Here are the most notable events from 2015:
Luminescence was the theme of our prom last year and it was breathtakingly gorgeous. My friends, date, and I all had fun dancing late into the night--and I still love my pink dress.

Family Beach Week 2015
My favorite family tradition ( of them) is Family Beach Week. My entire family gathers at one of our beach houses for an entire week of bonding, swimming, and eating!

Spirit Week 2015
My final spirit week in high school! Azure (my house) won the cheer contest and most of the events and it was a confetti-filled fun spectacle send off of spirit week! 

A Debut to Remember
A debutante's debut when she turns 18 is a big milestone in the Philippines and attending my friend's debut was definitely the highlight of the season.

The first pet that I had, the sweetest black lab you'd ever meet, passed this past year. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with--especially from 8,000 miles away. It still pains me sometimes, especially when I visit the home we used to share and the last places I remember her. I miss her everyday still.

My favorite, yummiest foods of 2015:
My favorite brunch spot in all of Manila, they serve up passion fruit mimosas, killer grilled cheese, and the best pastries in all of southeast Asia.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars
This dish has become a rapid request, among my teachers, my friends, and my family! I made these for Christmas and not only could Dad, Laura, and D not get enough of them, D's friends loved them too!

Tipsy Pig
A new gastropub just down the street from us in Fort Bonifacio that serves the absolute BEST popcorn shrimp appetizer ever. A must-try if you're in the mood for a casual dinner in BGC.

A high-class, tasting menu, fine dining establishment that serves up the strangest, science-experiment-looking, delicious food in Manila. They're very accommodating of dietary restrictions and Mom and I cannot wait to return.

M&M Blondies
My favorite brownie/blondie recipe of all time! They're sweet but not overly so and the m&m's really make a great crunch and the little bit of chocolate is just enough.

Slutty Brownies
The richest brownies you will ever taste in your life. Full of cookie dough, Oreos, and brownie batter--these are not your regular Friday-night baking session brownies.

The best trips I took in 2015:
For Spring Break, Mom and I went to Thailand--Bangkok and Krabi. Thailand is one of my favorite places on Earth and this trip was one of the best I've ever taken. I can't wait to go back! (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

College Road Trip
This summer I, along with my mother, my father, my grandmother, and my best friend (not in that order), toured several colleges all up and down the east coast of the US. We went to William & Mary, Davidson, Emory, NYU & Sarah Lawrence, and a bunch of Virginia schools: UVA, JMU, Washington & Lee.

My last overseas trip with the academic bowl, we headed to Shanghai. The competition was the lowlight of the trip, the company and the experience the absolute best part! I love Shanghai so. much. We ate genuine Chinese food, got a taste of ideal fall weather, and walked to Family Mart every day at least once.

Mom and I decided to further explore the Philippines during our last year here during October break so we went to Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. It was an absolutely gorgeous resort and the spa treatments are the best I've ever experienced!

My Favorite things out of my Favorite posts:
From my April Favorites, Ivory Ella is a company that makes elephant-adorned shirts and water bottles etc. and donates 10% of the proceeds to Save the Elephants, a non-profit organization that preserves elephants in their natural habitat. They have donated over $200,000.

Included in my May Favorites, this documentary focuses on the damage that sugar does to the body and how con-artist-y the sugar industry is. This documentary will scare you, and that's why it's worth it.

A July Favorite, Amber runs one of my favorite blogs on the entire internet. Her family is absolutely gorgeous, as is her hair and her attitude, and honestly her life is my goal.

One of the only albums where I can actually say I love every single song on it. Halsey's soulful lyrics and unique take on music makes this album a gem. Favorite songs include: Gasoline, Hurricane, Colors, and Castle.

Oh Wonder
A duo that makes magical music together--check out Drive and Without You, songs that I've literally had on repeat since their appearance in my November Favorites. favorite Instagram Posts of 2015:

This was my's to 2016! How was your 2015?


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