February 21, 2016

Wasabi Warriors

Seaweed + Spicy Tuna Rolls

Undoubtedly one of the best perks to living in a city is the availability of all different types of cuisines, shops, and entertainment. New restaurants pop up daily, it seems, in BGC! So when I passed a woman offering free samples of sushi from a new restaurant a few weeks ago across from Market! Market! I knew I'd have to circle back and sample the rest of the menu.

Wasabi Warriors is a new restaurant that just opened in the shopping center around Serendra--across from the front of Market! Market!, next to the Echo grocery store. WW is not only a fantastic little sushi bar, the restaurant is committed to using only sustainably-sourced ingredients, local ingredients, and environmentally-friendly materials in their entire restaurant. 

At first glance the restaurant is small and unassuming, but I promise it packs a powerful flavor punch.
With only 2 outdoor tables, 2 indoor tables, and a wall counter to sit and eat at, Wasabi Warriors is small and not ideal for groups bigger than 5 or 6 people (especially if there are other patrons) however as it was just Mom and me, we slid right into our spots at the wall bar. The restaurant also offers takeout so if you're not into slightly cramped seating, take the flavor home with you!
A unique aspect of WW, I found at least, was they displayed full rolls of sushi and only after you ordered them did they cut them--giving you the freshest taste. They also make all their dishes with local ingredients that are very fresh.
Mom and I ordered the seaweed roll, spicy tuna roll, tuna + avocado roll, and the California roll. To an American, the portions seemed small with 4 bites per roll, but we actually walked out stuffed to the gills! We also grabbed some takeout for lunch tomorrow--nothing like fresh sushi to perk up a Monday!

If you're in town and craving some fresh sushi, try Wasabi Warriors! It's cute, it's fresh, and it's environmentally-sustainable. Win-win-win!


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