April 30, 2016

April Favorites

Colour Pop
Lips lips lips. Everything beauty right now is about lips--and the hype is only increased by the popularity of the scarcely-available lip kits championed by the teenager with the most famous pout in the world. (Good luck getting your hands on her colors, I've tried) Luckily, I've found some more affordable, and definitely more available, alternatives! My three favorite colors at the moment from Colour Pop's collection are: Clueless, Littlestitious, and Solow. They're all only $6 each and each have fantastic reviews!

I've recently become absolutely obsessed with and the service they offer. I love to send snail mail, mostly because I love to receive snail mail. When I moved away from my friend Sarah after Mom and I left the OBX and moved to Williamsburg, the two of us kept in touch through letters! I loved the personal touch and the thrill of getting a letter is unparalleled in today's digital world. Living overseas, I can't exactly snail mail anyone in the States anything so postable does it for me! You select a card from their thousands of choices (or a blank card) type a personal message and click send! It's cheap, quick, and easy. I highly recommend postable for your upcoming snail-mail needs!

F21 Tile Dress
My Forever 21 pick of the month is a dress that oozes lazy summer days...maybe a bike along a beach road and lunch outside with a sea breeze? We can only find the dress here (also available in a blue color) and it retails for $15.90. 

As with the rest of the free world, I am completely obsessed with Beyonce's newest album: Lemonade. Honestly, ignore all the rumors and crap that she's singing about her husband's infidelity and don't bother with the clickbait that promises to reveal who "Becky with the good hair" is--and leave Rachel Roy alone! Focus more on the fantastic lyrics, Bey's voice, and the intended message of the album, very clear in the visual accompaniment: police brutality and terrorization of black people in America. It's not anti-police, it's anti-police brutality. Beyonce features Kendrick Lamar on her track Freedom (one of my faves) and includes images of mothers that lost their sons to police violence in recent history including Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner. You can find the album on iTunes--seriously it's incredible.

20 Experiences (my domaine)
I don't know why, but this article really inspired me and I guess gave me hope about getting older. For some reason...18 feels so ancient right now and anything that reminds me that I'm stupidly young is a nice reminder. Somewhat full of cliches, which I love, this article is actually pretty great and I bookmarked it for future use.

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